Beauties, it’s 2021 and although we’re still living in very changeable times… last year we could have never started the year predicting the trends that were to become in 2020… but we’re feeling positive. Here are some trends we think will become big in 2021 along with some of our hopes too…

Eye Focus

It’s all about the eyes! As face masks have become a norm in our everyday lives and a fashion statement at that, it’s all about drawing attention to the eyes and this will only continue this year. It’s all about perfected brows and statement eye looks to experiment with and express your personality.

Eco Beauty

Sustainable packaging and eco-friendly products are going to become even more the norm: it will become more something that’s expected rather than an optional extra for brands. For example, Aveda have announced an all-vegan line up and Garnier will soon allow consumers to access sustainability scores for every single produce including the new cardboard-wrapped, 97 per cent biodegradable solid shampoo bars.

Rise in Beauty Tech

Due to the pandemic, many of us had to move to purchasing beauty products online and even in the stores that are open you’re still unable to try testers, so there has been movement towards being able to ‘test’ products digitally. This has included things like lipstick filters and colour matching via videos and pictures.

We think they’ll also be a rise of digital dermatology as a way of being able to interact with experts from home, getting more consultations about skincare via one-to-one online consultations rather than physical ones.

And what we’re hoping to see…

Rise in Science-Backed Beauty

Increased alignment between the natural beauty world and science. we are already witnessing brands harnessing the power of plants in their product innovations;increased insights on how to get certain key ingredients to work together in products, as well as how to improve the delivery of key ingredients into the skin and consequently the efficacy.
What do you hope to see in Beauty this year?