I’m in blusher heaven with these Armani beauties! Let’s face it, not all blushers are created equal and sometimes you can end up buying something that makes lovely promises but ends up in the ‘makeup that I bought but have only used once box’. Well I don’t think that these will make it to that box.

As a make-up artist I’ve had the opportunity to try so many blushers over the years which made it easy for me to know what kind of blushers I prefer to work with. The most important elements for me are texture, purity of colour and blendability: one thing that is important to me when applying blusher to the face is that the blusher looks as though you’ve literally just blushed! From my perspective there’s nothing worse than a blush that just sits on the surface of the skin like a big splotch of colour, unless of course I’m doing an editorial look where I want that effect, but for real life… not so much. These Armani cheek fabric blushers meet all of my requirements- gorgeous colours and easy to use.

The texture is amazingly light and fine you could actually apply this to your cheeks with your fingers if necessary it just blends in with such ease.

The colours and nine colours that all have a slightly shimmery effect to them when you look at them in the palette however when you actually put them on your face that shimmer serves to just give a lovely glow to your skin. Although there are only nine shades, there is a shade to suit almost every skin tone. My only wish is that they would introduce burnt orange shades that are a bit deeper than shade 200 to complement darker skin tones. In our pictures you’ll see 307 Ecstacy, which is a lovely peachy shade and 509 Eccentrico, which a lovely deep pink.

Unfortunately, the peachy shade didn’t show up very well on my skin but here’s the blusher on Jessica.

Blendability Yes, yes, & yes again these are so easy to blend it is incredible.

Longevity considering that this is a superlight, superfine blusher, once it’s on its on and you will get a full day of wear from it depending on your skin type, of course.

Intensity you can go for a sheer flush of glowing colour or you can build it up for a more intense effect; the choice is yours!

Note: the pick up on your brush is quick! I mean that literally as you just need to stroke it with your brush and you’ve got enough to start with, so less is more! Plus it’s fragrance free.

They are on the ‘Luxe list’ because at £35 they are pricey compared to other blushers, but you get what you pay for and it will definitely last a long time.

Buy the Armani Cheek Fabric Power Blushers for £35 from Armani Beauty here