Give your lashes a lift at Browhaus!

Give your lashes a lift at Browhaus!

I was recently approached to try out a treatment at the fabulous and trendy brow bar Browhaus – and I tried something that I have wanted to try for years: a lash lift.

My lashes are reasonably long but they are also poker straight (which I always find ironic considering I have very curly hair on my head). I do use eyelash curlers and curling mascara, but I find that the effects don’t last very long… and if I don’t curl them beforehand, many mascaras just seem to look invisible on me as my lashes stay perfectly straight.

I was looking for a more permanent solution to this – and I have to say, I couldn’t be happier with the results I had from this treatment.

Here are my lashes before the treatment and after…


Instantly, the effects were amazing and I feel like they got better over time as the lashes were a little more clumped together at first. They found their natural placing and have actually held the curl over the weeks.

I don’t know if I’m going to be able to go back to having straight lashes again… looks like I’ll be going for another visit in the new year! If you’re thinking about doing this for Christmas or even so your lashes look amazing for New Year, this treatment is certainly something I’d recommend.

The effects should last from around 6-8 weeks, which is understandable as your lashes do fall out and more grow in its place. It’s certainly something that’s worth doing if you want to enhance your lashes without then having to do too much effort on a day to day basis – by doing this, all you’ll have to do is apply mascara and you’ll have fabulous lashes!

What’s to love

  • The effect is amazing! Fabulous and curled lashes that actually stay curled for weeks!
  • I went to the Browhaus near Holborn – it is conveniently near a station which is great, location-wise!
  • The staff were all very friendly and made me feel welcome.
  • The treatment isn’t invasive at all and won’t damage the lashes in the long term.
  • Once the treatment is done, it’s all low maintenance after this point.
  • It lasts weeks – I had this done a month ago and I can confirm that my lashes still have a curl – perfect for Christmas!

The Treatment

The treatment itself takes at least 45 minutes (sometimes a little longer – it just depends on how long each stage takes to do).

All the stages were explained to me as they were happening and I was reassured when I started to feel a little anxious over having my eyes covered.

What they’re basically doing is perming your lashes to give it a lift and curl – so some of the steps include leaving perming lotion made for the eyes which is left on for around 10 minutes.

You can also get your lashes tinted if you have a patch test done before, to enhance the effects. Oh yes – you must make sure to pop down before the visit to get patch tested for this!

Check out the Lashlift plus other services on the Browhaus website

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