These Liquid Glitter eyeshadows from Stila are the beauties that really kicked off this whole internet craze for glitter liquid eyeshadows… and after recently trying them, I can confirm that they are incredible and so worth the hype! I have been absolutely loving them recently – so here’s a rundown of these gorgeous eyeshadows and how they work.   

The shades

What I really love about these shades is that they’re not just chunks of glitter in a tube. The formula has a coloured base to it that the glitter works beautifully with. The colour still relatively sheer in the shades I have, so you can apply a darker colour underneath them that will peek through, but they do have a base colour to them which intensifies the overall look. They do have ones with more of a coloured base to them, however. I have had my eye on ‘Molten Midnight’ which has a black base with beautiful gold and silver reflects. This would be perfect for a dark smokey eye look.  


These have amazing staying power. I applied the eyeshadow on at 11am and when I took it off at 10pm, it was all still there. It still looked as intense and sparkly. I imagine that some did fall off during the day, but the glitter didn’t gather under my eyes (giving me entirely the wrong under-eye highlight), so the amount of fallout was minimal.


These have great blendability. If you work quickly, you can also blend this into your eyeshadow without removing a huge chunk, which is rare as often you’ll lose a chunk of your eyeshadow when trying to blend it. 


Even though they have lots of glitter in them, they don’t feel chunky when applied to the eye. They apply smoothly and don’t feel heavy or crease after application.

How to use  

They’re incredibly easy to use and pretty quick to apply considering the payoff! If you’re really in a rush, all you need to do is swipe the doe foot applicator directly onto the eyelids, blend a little around the edges and you’re ready to go! Due to the coloured base, you don’t even need to apply a colour underneath if you don’t want to. You can also apply this to the back of the hand and use a brush for more precise application.

I nabbed a limited edition set which contains 3 gorgeous shades in a smaller travel-sized version. You can buy them all individually, but the shades I have are rose gold and silver ‘Rose Gold Retro’, champagne, silver and copper ‘Kitten Karma’ and deep tan and silver ‘Smouldering Satin’. You can also get brighter colours and even shimmery versions of this formula. They’re intense, glittery and catch the light beautifully.

I will certainly be picking up some more shades next time I see them!

The Stila Glitter & Glow set is £25 from Stila