Raise a hand if you find that your concealer starts to crease and settle in those under-eyes after applying concealer? Now, fine lines and wrinkles are a natural thing and beautiful – but that doesn’t mean your concealer needs to settle in them!

Keep reading to find out some tips on how to stop your concealer from creasing and getting that makeup set all day long!

Don’t use too much or too rich an eye cream

Prepping with an eye cream is a great way to moisturise the area and provide a great base for your concealer. However, many people use either too much or use a product that’s too thick and this could be doing more harm than good. Using too much or a rich eye cream may make the area too oily or slippery and the concealer will separate or not fully blend with the skin – rather, it will sit on the top of the skin and slide right off.

However, don’t skip the moisturiser entirely: dryness under the eyes can also lead to fine lines or dry patches, which your concealer will cling to.

You only need a rice sized amount for both eyes and make sure to tap this into the orbital bone, not any higher than that. Make sure to wait for the eye cream to absorb into the skin before applying your makeup.

Don’t apply foundation under the eyes

You can start your foundation from right beneath your orbital bone – foundations often have a lot of heavy silicones which can make your concealer slide on top of it. It will also just add another layer when you add concealer on top – it could be too heavy, you don’t need that number of products around your eye: your concealer is enough.

Try using a brush

Brushes help to work the product into the skin so that it’s not moving around. Your fingers and sponge can sometimes just leave the product on the surface.

Your placement and amount of concealer could need adjusting

Focus your concealer on the darkness under your eyes – you don’t need to overapply the whole area. Just target the areas that need the concealer – the rest just needs the thinnest layer. Use less product to begin with and if you need more, add some afterwards and blend it into the orbital bone area for a traceless finish. Don’t apply it too close to the lash line as it may pool and crease in that area.

To help stop you from overapplying, pick up the product from the concealer wand with your brush before applying to the skin.

Set your concealer with a powder

Follow these steps and you might not need to set your concealer… so try that first. If you find you do need to set it, use a lightweight setting powder and use the smallest amount. Use a firm brush to pick up a small amount and press it into the area to help avoid creasing. A light reflecting powder like Laura Mercier’s Brightening Powder is a great option.

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