We recently discovered this brand and we knew we had to talk about it! This brand Grace Beauty has designed add on products that can be used with your regular products to make them more disability friendly – an aid to help the process for people who have issues with grip for example and to give better control. This is something that is definitely missing in the industry at the moment – beauty is for everyone and there should be ways of helping those who need that bit of extra support to make the process easier – and to avoid any discomfort or pain.

Their site will also have a community section, to give their audience a chance to tell their story and give feedback. We can’t wait to see these products launch and see how they’re received – we think these could be game-changers!

What the brand says:

“Grace is a selection of beauty product add-ons designed to make products more accessible and a platform for you to share your beauty story.”

They will be announcing more products, but at the moment, these are the ones they’ve announced:

The Ring Grip


The brand says: “The Ring Grip was created as a general aid for anyone. When attached you don’t have to hold as hard, nor worry about losing your grip or picking up the mascara from the floor. The rubber band will tightly connect to most mascaras on the market while the ring will be big enough for even the biggest fingers.”

The Safe Grip

The brand says: “The Safe Grip is easy to hold, gives a wide angled grip and ensures better control for all kinds of users. Material is rubbery, flexible but hard which will ensure a grip even though the fingers can’t wrap fully around the grip. ”

The Square Grip


The products aren’t out yet, but follow them on Instagram to keep updated