First up, I think disclaimers are in order. I’m never really a lipstick kinda gal. However, this year I’ve decided to challenge myself to be more daring and adventurous, so I tried Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine.
Although I own many lipsticks, I only end up wearing them once or  twice and back they go inside the make-up drawer, never really making much of an appearance on my lips. It’s either I feel the colour doesn’t suit me, or it’s too heavy, or even drying.

To my surprise, I really like these lipsticks. Now I’ve only tried two colours, but I like them both! I tried 114 Shipshape and 116 Mighty.


These lipsticks are perfect for the spring time. The colours are sheer, but they are fairly buildable. Seeing the colours in the tube scared me at first, especially with ‘Mighty’ as it is a really bright Barbie pink and I thought there was absolutely no way I would try this. However, it glided on smoothly and these colours were so sheer and so pretty! Lasting power isn’t the best, so don’t expect it to still be there after your heavy meal but as it is sheer it is very easy to re-apply – doesn’t even require a mirror. So that’s a plus point for me.
114 in Shipshape – A pretty coral colour. There’s a wet look to it, a very pretty glossy finish, and very hydrating; which is rare for most lipsticks.









114 in Mighty – A light baby pink, sort of my lips but (a little) lighter. Love the pigments.












All in all, I think this is a great spring colour. If you are looking for a long lasting lipstick, again, this isn’t the one for you, but if you’re all about keeping it natural and convenient, this is so great, trust me. There are 29 shades to choose from, so there is a shade for everyone.

These retail for £22.50 each available from Have you beauties tried any of these shades? Let us know your thoughts on whether this was a ‘hit’ or a ‘miss’ for you!

Don’t forget, with or without make-up you’re beautiful,
May x