Spray and Glow with Milk Makeup

Spray and Glow with Milk Makeup

This Milk Blur makeup setting spray works wonders in minimizing pores, fine lines and imperfections. It is a fabulous product that will leave you looking flawless all day and night. The blur effect isn’t intense but it gives a naturally smooth looking skin effect, it keeps makeup looking less dry and powdery,  but still with a more matte finish. The spray is very light, soft and most definitely smells clean but not fragrance scented at all.

What’s in the Milk Makeup Spray?

  • Castor oil – Contains fatty acids that restore the skin’s natural moisture balance and reduces flaky, irritated skin.
  • Fruit Extract – Rich in antioxidants, therefore, can rejuvenate the skin and helps exfoliate for a more youthful glow. Making skin look brighter and lighter.
  • Goji Berry – Contains amino acids which help improve the skin’s tone and colour.
  • Dimethicone – Helps fill in pores or fine lines and act as a barrier for your skin. Creates a matte finish and locks in moisture.
  • Alcohol – this can be a potential irritant.

What’s to like?

I use Milk Makeup Blur spray every time I wear a lot of make-up and it works very well in terms of keeping my skin matte not oily as I have oily skin in certain areas of my face. I can see a difference with my pores after the spray sets for 5 minutes. My skin looks smooth and flawless after because of the spray.

In my opinion, 2/3 sprays on the face is enough and a lot of product comes out of the bottle. I recommend using this whenever you’re wearing a dewy foundation as the spray will set it nicely into your skin and will look a lot more natural. Must shake well before use in order to get maximum potential in blurring pores.

What’s not to like?

One thing that I am not fond of with this product is the smell of the spray, it doesn’t have a rich scent to it but more of a chemical scent. There are some ingredients in here that you might not like too, but as this is a makeup item and not purely a skincare product, this is to be expected as the purpose is different

Overall, I would recommend this product if you like having a matte-finishing make-up look that will last you all day. It is worth the money, however, some ingredients can potentially irritate sensitive skin so that is something to be aware of if you have more sensitive skin.

Buy the Milk Makeup Blur Spray for £23.75 from Cult Beauty

Review by Julie Dang


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