Beauties, spring is almost here, the daffodils are out so it’s time to think about a spring makeup shakeup!  I’ve always had a soft spot for Bobbi Brown makeup because 1) when I started out as a makeup artist apart Mac and Clinique, this was one of the few mainstream brands that made an effort to be inclusive and 2) I love the fact that Bobbi is an advocate of ‘less is more’ encouraging women to use makeup to enhance themselves, not hide. So if you wanted a great range of neutrals to suit most skin tones this was it.

As much as I love a great range of neutrals, secretly I often wished that this brand would expand its lip colour range because while I love a neutral or a red lip, every so often I crave a little adventure so you can imagine my excitement when I saw these Art sticks and the 14 stunning colours that they come in!

Wow Beauty were sent 3 of these game changers to play with: Hot pink which is a gorgeous bright fuschia  Hot Orange is a gorgeous orangy red and Rose Brown which is a what it says, a great rose brown.

What’s to love?

A) The chunky pencil format which is all the rage at the moment, might not be as sexy a classic lipstick but it really does make precise lip colour application quick and easy peasy.

B) Once on these feel really good, the kind of good that allows you to forget that you’re wearing lipstick, you know not too moist and not too dry… just nice.

C) The ingredients which include one of my faves …good old reliable Shea butter which is turning up in practically everything at the moment (years ago I could only get my hands on pure unrefined Shea butter if someone had brought some back from west Africa) but I digress. Anyway, Shea butter is known for its high levels of vitamins and essential fatty acids, as well as its ability to not only deeply nourish and soften but to also support collagen production and potentially prevent wrinkles.

D) What’s nice about these is that you are in control, so you can build the colour up from a sheer wash to full intensity.

E) Once on it last pretty well, although of course this will vary according to what type of lip stick wearer you are: if you are a lip smacking, lip pressing type it may not stay as pristine as it would on a ‘once my lippy is on I only move my lips to talk’.

F) They come with a sharpener, which is always handy.

G) Nice range of shades although it would be amazing if they brought out some more… like some purple shades … just saying.

What’s not to love?

You may find that these need to be re-applied after eating.

Top tip

If you are prone to dry lips you might want to use a lip balm before applying one of these.

If you are prone to very dry flaky lips you might want to exfoliate before applying lip balm and then one of these.

These are definitely a favored option for spring, so get shopping beauties!

Buy the lip liners from Bobbi Brown