Jo Gay Head ShotHave you seen the Instagram brow? The brow that defies logic? The brow that monopolises the face? The brow that uses as many products and as long to create as your whole face used to? The brow that looks like it belongs on someone else’s face? The trend for an uber-defined, graphic brow that is contoured and sculpted is all over my favourite social media platform. Having tried this trend however, I realise that this brow only belongs … on Instagram! There are plethora of brow products on the market – in part thanks to Instagram. It is now easier than ever to create a beautiful defined brow that complements your face, but there are a few things to keep in mind:-

1. Work with what you have.
If you have a naturally thick full brow, there is no point reshaping that brow to resemble a pencil thin line. You are just battling against yourself and making your brow therapist sweat. If you have fine brows, creating a Brook Shields type brow will probably make you look like Groucho Marks. If you have a beautifully arched brow, creating a straight brow is going to create a triangle on your face, above your eyes. You are going to look like a clown. It is vital that you work with what you have.

2. Maintenance is key
It is easy to create a great shape brow. You can pluck and tweeze at home with finely calibrated instruments. You can wax or thread (which is my preferred option) anywhere from a department store, a salon or a specialist brow bar. Top tip – go to a brow specialist to create the shape. Then maintain the shape at home, or in a local salon. That way you can keep nip the new growth in the bud every two to three week with less pain and less cost.

3. Choose the colour wisely
Brows can be whatever colour you choose. If you have delicious auburn hair a reddened brown tone will be great for you. If you have purple, grey or multi coloured hair you can choose a tone that will complement your skin and your hair. If you have lightened or darkened your hair, you may want to do the same with your brows. You can create the colour with a brow product, or get them tinted professionally. If you are sticking with your natural brow colour, you will need to use a product that has a neutral or cool tone. It will look more natural. If your hair and brows are black, do not use a jet black brow colour. Trust me on this one – no matter how dark your skin or your hair jet black brows are not for you.

4. Choose your products wisely.
There are lots of options, to be honest, it can all be a little overwhelming. There are a couple of tools that it is useful to have. Your choice of product is dependent on how much of a brow fanatic you are, how much time you have and how much brow hair you have.

Next week its all about the products

Jo xx