Dija please share your daily wellness routine with us
During the week my alarm goes off at 5am. I have a word with myself about why I have to get up, quickly check my messages, then go downstairs for a tall glass of warm lemon water, followed straight away by a large coffee. Four days a week, I go to the gym at 6.30am for a 5km run. Followed immediately by a large green juice with matcha.

The day goes by in a blur of activities with my little girl or with clients, product development, the general activity of running a business. I keep my water bottle topped up and healthy snacks like almonds, bananas and crackers close by. In the evening, we have dinner together around the dining table. After bedtime for Amariah, it’s back to work for me. I normally have a cup of lemon or mint tea with some dates for something sweet. I work till about 10pm, then I do 30 mins of calligraphy or reading for some pure escapism. I aim to be in bed by midnight.

What are your favourite beauty/makeup/wellbeing products and why?
I love facial oils. With such a bustling life where I focus a lot on other people, spending time to massage an oil into my skin gives me five minutes of peace to concentrate on nourishing my skin, gather my thoughts and indulge in some self care. Obviously I love ‘3107 London Soothing Face Elixir ‘– I blended it for myself initially. But I’m also a huge fan of ‘Votary’ oils.
Wellbeing wise, I love scents and I currently love scenting my space with a blend of rosemary and geranium in a burner. It’s a personal blend. Together they increase my mental strength, they uplift and counteract negative energy.
Make Up – I love a red lipstick – last count I own 30. For me it’s the equivalent of wearing heels – confidence booster and completes my outfit. My current favourite is ‘Tom Ford Tony’. So easy to wear with anything.

How do you manage stress/relax?
Running. It helps me think and clear my mind. I always come up with the best ideas on the treadmill.
Downloading my thoughts on to paper helps me organise and process things I have to do. This also helps me prioritise so that I don’t get overwhelmed.
I love reading, calligraphy, music, art….I’m normally lost somewhere in wonder at the V & A.
Having a Catch up and a good giggle with the girls.
Sometimes, I just close my laptop and shut out the outside world and sit in silence.

Dija, do you have any beauty tips that your mama has shared with you?
It’s not so much a tip as a way of life my mum instilled in me. Self care and personal grooming is important and you should always take pride in your appearance. My mum is very glamorous and makes no apologies for it. She’s always got her make up on, hair and nails done. She always wears nice lingerie and power perfumes.

Who inspires you and why?
am generally inspired by other women. I love seeing women rise to the top of their game and letting down the ladder for the women behind them. We all have a tale to tell, so whether you were dealt a poor set of cards or you had the aces, working hard to build something for yourself always impresses me. I find it very inspiring and it always gives me extra motivation!

Dija you’ve been a beauty entrepreneur for many years starting out as a facialist and now with your fabulous new brand 3107 London: what would you say are the three most fundamental learnings from your journey so far?
– be nice to everyone – long after you’ve forgotten, people will always remember how you made them feel even if it was 10 years ago.
– Persevere – it’s not a bed of roses and people don’t just hand things to you. You’ve got to have self determination, work hard and keep at it. It takes time and no one is going to do it for you.
– Have faith in your ability – celebrate the wins and always bear in mind the best is yet to come.

How much of an influence do you think that your upbringing has had on the business woman that you have become?
All the women in my family own their own business and live life on their terms. I think it was simply inevitable I would be my own boss one day.

How do you define success? & what does it mean to you?
Making a difference to peoples lives – whether I help them with their skin troubles or helping/inspired them to achieve their dreams through my work, that counts as success. And it means the world, even better than having money in the bank (Which of course is great too!) because it’s a feeling that can’t be bought.

Do you think that social media has helped to push the cause for more inclusiveness in the beauty industry?
Yes and No. I think social media gives us more access to what everyone is doing and thinking, so it’s great and it’s help us form helpful and supportive communities of like minded people. Personally I love social media, I love seeing other peoples lives (albeit edited) and what people are up to. I find it very inspiring. But at the same time social media can be divisive and enables people to form camps with a pack mentality. I find this disturbing because it fosters separation and a ‘them vs us’ attitude, which is negative, because I’m very much a come as you are person. Social media can either influence and move inclusivity forward or it can hold people back in boxes. Ultimately every individual has to decide how they utilise it.

Wow beauty is passionate about supporting and empowering women: how important is it for you to support other women? and how important are the cheerleaders in your life?
Absolutely! It is by building each other up that we all succeed and through that process of mutual support we inspire and push to greater heights. It’s very important for me to see women doing good and achieving their dreams and I will always do what’s within my power not only to physically help but also to mentally cheer everyone on. Good vibes only!  I have a daughter and I’d like to think that one day, another woman will give her a helping hand if she needed it.

I love quotes! what is your favourite saying or quote?
I have loads! All centred around positivity.
“What’s the plan B?”
“How do we get past this situation?”
“ Let’s keep things moving”
“Progress over perfection!”

Thank you Dija.

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