I love a brand with an ethos of woman supporting other women, while at the same time creating a sustainable business, which is what drew me to the brand Kahina Giving Beauty. The brand was launched in 2008 by Katharine L’Heureux. It was initially inspired by a trip that she made to Morocco in 2007 where her exploration of traditional skincare remedies began. This brand ‘pay it forward’ by paying fair wages to the Berber women who extract the Argan oil and by donating a percentage of their profits to programs that support the women and their families. Love that. We wanted to find out more about the woman behind the brand… so here’s our Founders Talk with the fabulous Katharine L’Heureux. #BeInspired 

What is in your wellbeing toolkit?

Family, home, nature, yoga, creativity, lipstick, and Kahina Giving Beauty products

As women, we are often too hard on ourselves trying to be superwomen. Do you think that this way of being is finally changing to one where the power of self-care is finally being realised?

I think self-care is important, but sadly it often manifests as another set of rules for women to follow and things they are told they “need” to buy.  When self-care incorporates a large dose of self-reflection to determine what you actually require to be happy and feel complete, then it is a powerful tool.

Wellbeing is a work in progress. What would you consider to be your biggest wellbeing challenges?

My biggest wellbeing challenge right now, as I approach 60, is probably learning to accept the ageing process. I am not new to self-criticism. Before wrinkles started to appear, I judged myself harshly about my thighs.  There was always something to single out and focus on. I need to continually remind myself to be happy in the stage that I am in now and appreciate all that is positive.  I’m working on it.

It’s no secret that you are passionate about Argan Oil, please tell us where this love comes from.

First of all, high-quality Argan Oil has amazing benefits for skin and hair.  It is extremely rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids that work to moisturize and repair skin.  This wonder oil is easily absorbed, making it easy to incorporate into your routine, either on its own or layered with our Facial Lotion or Face Cream.  I discovered Argan Oil in Morocco in 2007 before it had made waves in the US. This was before using oil as skincare was a “thing” here, so it was an eye-opening experience for me.  More importantly, I love the fact that Argan Oil is providing a means of financial support for impoverished women in rural Morocco.  I spend quite a bit of time visiting these women in their villages high in the Anti-Atlas Mountains, and the improvements that this work has made in their lives is evident.  I take great pride in knowing that Kahina is in part responsible for lifting these women out of the deepest levels of poverty.

What are your favourite products from your range and why?

I love and use all the products in the range.  They are kind of like my babies so I hate to single any out, but my desert island must-haves is our Argan Oil, of course. It is the highest quality I have found on the market and does wonders to balance and moisturize my skin.  Our Oil Cleanser is just incredible for brightening skin and removing makeup and SPF.  It rinses clean and smells amazing.  Our Brightening Serum is wonderful for evening out skin discoloration without irritating skin as some conventional dark spot treatments can.  Our pure steam-distilled Moroccan Rose Water transports me to Morocco anytime I spray it on. It’s the perfect product to calm and prep skin for oil application.  Oh, and our Face Cream which helps to seal in moisture. I love to layer it over the oil and Brightening Serum.

Brand Focus

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