Natascha, please share your daily wellbeing routine with us.

In the mornings I have to have breakfast and a cup of tea in bed. If I don’t do this I can’t even function. I am not a morning person!

If I’m feeling a bit sluggish then I will spray the Temple Spa energising mist to wake me up a bit. If I’m not busy and have the energy then I’ll go for a quick jog. I take a multivitamin supplement everyday as I’m not the most healthy person when it comes to eating. I drink green tea and a lot of water throughout the day to keep me hydrated.

Before bed I spray the Temple Spa relaxing mist all around me and on my pillow to help me wind down and get a good nights sleep.

Name 3 things in your life that you simply cannot live without.

Ipad, Faux Fur Jacket, A pair of white trainers

What are your favourite beauty/makeup products and why?

  • NYX eyebrow gel – only costs about £3.50 but is amazing!
  • Benefit They’re real mascara – best out there by far.
  • Urban Decay matte lipstick – I love a good matte lippy and Urban Decay have great colours.

How do you manage stress/relax?

I love to light a ton of candles and sit with a nice cup of tea. I am in to spa trips too so I try to fit this in at least twice a year. If that fails, then a good old massage is my go to!

What is the biggest risk that you’ve ever taken that has paid off?

Moving to Sweden… my whole family moved over there for four years and we had the best time. It was definitely one of the best things I have ever done.

Who inspires you and why?

So many people but mainly those who have become successful despite not being classed as what the media stereotypically class as beautiful. People like Iskra Lawerence, Ashley Graham and Gabi Gregg who are really successful at what they do and are constantly moving, working and branching out really make me think what can I do next.

If you were giving a speech to a roomful of teenage girls, what would your core message be?

Don’t worry so much about what other people think. Just do you.

Do you think that the various advertising and social media campaigns aimed at greater inclusion (re: ethnicity and women’s bodies) are leading to higher levels of confidence and self-esteem in women?

Yes, absolutely. Women can relate more to images that are in their likeness. It makes you feel good about yourself to see more ‘normal’ women being used in ads. If you never see a model or actress you can relate to then you naturally start to think there is something wrong with you.

Who are your ‘cheerleaders’ and how important do you think it is for every woman in business to have some?

My mum is my biggest cheerleader, no one is who talks about my work and shares my stuff as much as her. I also have two little girls who are probably my biggest fans, I have had to hide magazines from them to stop them taking them to school and showing everyone a picture of mummy in a bikini.

Natascha, what have you learnt about yourself in the last year that has surprised you?

I’ve learnt that I can achieve anything I want. It just takes hard work and dedication. Nothing is out of reach.

What makes you laugh out loud?

Good friends and great family. I spend more time with family than anyone else and they all have a great sense of humour so it’s always something I look forward to.

Thank you Natascha.

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