Jo please share your morning wellbeing regime with us.

I’m usually woken up by my slightly over enthusiastic labradors demanding breakfast and a cup of Earl Grey tea form my hubby. A quick splash of water on my face and a slick of moisturiser/eye cream with an SPF in it and a lick of mascara then I’ll taking the dogs out for a walk in the woods. When I come back I grab some breakfast (muesli & fruit usually), have a warm shower and wash my hair and then put my make up on and get myself ready for the day. The fresh air and natural daylight is a key part of making me feel fully awake and content with the world. It sets me up for a good day ahead.

What are the 3 things in your life that you simply cannot live without?

The people (and animals) I love and who love me back, a pen & endless supply of paper (I’m a scribbler).

What is your favourite beauty/wellbeing product and why?

Kiss the Moon started was with our LOVE Afer Dark Face Oil and it is still my favourite product in our range and a must have for me in my make up bag. It’s made with pure Rose and Rosehip Seed Oil so helps my skin look plumped up, well-nourished and keeps wrinkles at bay. Plus the smell is so comforting – my brain links that aroma so closely with bedtime that I struggle to go to sleep without it these days.

How important is it for women to have cheerleaders? Who are your cheerleaders?

Everyone needs good support and to be surrounded by enthusiasts – both women and men. I can’t imagine how you’d get through the tough times without them. Mine are the amazing Kiss the Moon team – Anna, Sue, Katie & Wendy, all of who are both talented and have a total ‘can do’ attitude. Plus of course our other halves who also chip in when we need help and keep us all going. When you are a small start up business it’s a family affair.

How do you manage stress/relax?

Unplug, get out in nature, dance with the dogs, have a long soak and pamper session at home, watch Poldark, sleep with no alarm clock waiting for me the next morning.

What motivated/inspired you to launch your brand?

My last job involved a huge amount of travel. As a result I felt like I had jetlag for about four years. My sleep suffered and so did my skin and my mood. I searched around for a solution and that’s where I started understanding the link between sleep and our sense of smell. When I couldn’t find exactly the right product to solve my sleep dilemmas for me (I wanted something natural and not smelling like old lady lavender), I decided to learn how to make something myself and the face oils and bath oils were born. It was through sharing those with family and friends and seeing the positive impact they made that made me realise that helping people to get a better night’s sleep was such an important thing to do. That was the motivation for launching the brand on a broader scale.

I love that your brand ‘Kiss The Moon’ is built around the power of sleep: do you believe that there is a link between wellbeing, outer beauty and ultimately inner strength?

Totally. Even one night of disrupted sleep is enough to impact on how you feel and look. Poor sleep disrupts our cells nightly repair process so our skin becomes dull and out of kilter. Messed up sleep also impacts our mental health and hormonal balance, so we struggle to concentrate, manage our appetite and be tolerant with others. Lack of sleep has also been shown to have a hugely negative impact on our physical health – raising risk of heart disease and mental illnesses. More evidence emerges every week about the fact sleep is the third pillar of healthy lifestyle, as important as diet and exercise.

What is the biggest risk that you’ve ever taken that has paid off?

Moving back to the Yorkshire countryside. I grew up here in Richmond, just on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales but left to go to university and then build a career in London. Having zipped around the world and got used to the pace of life in London, coming back here 9 years ago felt like a risk but, in fact, it has been one of the best things I’ve done. Being surrounded by greenery makes my heart soar and helps me stay healthy and well. And London and the wider world is only ever an phone call or short journey away.

Who inspires you and why?

My Mum and my Gran before her. Both were independent women who made their own way in the world. They spotted opportunities, took gambles and made them pay off. And they kept smiling and caring for others as they did it. I think those are things to be admired.

The word Resilience is often used when describing the qualities of female achievers in all spheres: How does the word resilience manifest in your story Or in your journey thus far?

It’s really not easy setting up a business – it’s a leap of faith and there’s so much you can’t control or influence. You have to be able to put the hiccups in to perspective and not let them haunt you. And you have to look after your own energy and wellbeing. Staying strong mentally and physically is crucial. You have to play the long game and be able to bounce back.

In your journey as an entrepreneur, what have you discovered about yourself that surprised you?

To listen to my intuition because it knows what it’s doing. When you start something new it makes sense to be willing to listen and learn to those with experience and insight to share. But ultimately, no one has the answer other than you. There’s a point in every decision where you have to make a call and that’s when you need to listen to what your instincts are telling you. Our sixth sense is much wiser that we often think. I’ve learnt things tend to turn out best when you go with it.

What are the last 2 books you’ve read and loved?

I recently reread Perfume by Patrick Suskind – I love that book and the way it describes aromas – a reminder just how powerful our sense of smell is and how its linked to our imagination. And I’ve just finished Frazzled by Ruby Wax. I like the fact it is teaching us about mental wellbeing through stories. It revealed how much we still have to learn in order to fully master our own human mind.

Thank you

Denise xx

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