Okay, so obviously as a holistic beauty and well-being website you’ve come to expect that a lot of what you read here will tie into overall well-being in one way or another, especially as I believe that conscious beauty encompasses everything that we do to look and feel our best. After all we all need a wellbeing boost from time to time. So as you can imagine I am always really impressed when brands develop products or formulas that tap into creating mindful moments. That is the case with Westlab and the launch of their four new bath salts, a welcome addition to the well-being range. The new salts are named Mindful, Sleep, Recover and Cleanse…perfect for every mood. 

I’ve known Westlab for their regular therapeutic bath salts – you know, the usual Epsom salts magnesium salts, dead sea salts and the like which are really effective. I was really excited to hear that they were taking their bath salt excellence one step further with these new formulas.  Each of these new formulas responds to our various well-being needs so much so that you really need to buy all four of them to add to your well-being toolkit.

Fact: a 15 to 20 minute soak in a bath of salts aids our ability to de-stress and can encourage enough relaxation for a restful night.  So imagine those salts enhanced by the addition of natures own  wellbeing boosting ingredients – pure magic.

MINDFUL Bath Salts

A base of Himalayan salt is enhanced by the addition of Epsom salts – which is magnesium well known for its ability to promote relaxation.

  • CBD – CBD extract is the trendy addition here and is included because it is claimed to promote tranquillity.
  • Essential oils of frankincense also known as Olibanum is used in aromatherapy for the relief of stress and anxiety and also as an immunity booster (FYI it is also gorgeous when used in a aromatherapy diffuser)
  • Bergamot-  is known for its ability to enhance moods and alleviate stress and anxiety

SLEEP Bath Salts 

In the sleep formula a base of dead sea salts and Epsom salts is enhanced by the addition of:

  • Valerian – is a herb often used to help with sleep disorders and insomnia it is also used to help with anxiety and stress.
  • Lavender – one of the most popular and versatile essential oils known for its relaxing, calming and balancing effects. also great for soothing irritated skin.
  • Jasmine oil is a known for improving moods, reducing feelings of stress and even balancing hormones. 
So as you can imagine having these powerhouses included in your bath salts makes for a truly restorative experience. Of course, a mindful bathing session doesn’t only have to be at night…it’s perfect for whenever you have the time or need a wellbeing boost.
D x

Buy the Salts for £7.99 each from Westlab

(*PR gift/sample)