September is upon us and we cannot deny that summer is coming to an end…For many of us September is more like a new year than January is and so we find ourselves setting our intentions and making plans for the next few months…’s a season of promise. But before you get wrapped up in all of that planning, take a moment to reset and refill your cup. Here are some tips from my sister, Amanda Rabor, founder of Mini Mode. Keep reading to find out more…

This time of the year is actually quite tricky. The days are growing longer and fatigue is starting to set in earlier. Seasonal malaise is looming as well as the Pisces full moon in Virgo which annually heightens our natural sensitivities to our lives.

It’s the time of year that we need a ‘pick me up’, a refresh and reset to prepare us for the winter ahead. So with all of this said, how do we do this? I’m going to make a few suggestions that can help with or without a budget.

When I need a reset and I don’t want to spend any money there are a few things I can do. I find that resets are really about emotional and auric  renewal. It’s a way to let go of the old to make room for the new or just get rid of a heavy emotional load.

  1. Journal. Simple but effective journaling is essential to offload whatever is on your mind.
  2. Meditate. I’d do a deeper meditation. Try and find something with a bit of hypnotism or regression linked in so you can go to the root of feelings and get a better outcome for your renewal.
  3. Ritual. I’d perform some sort of ritual of letting go of the things that I’ve identified as no longer serving me. You can make up your own ritual. What’s important is doing something to mark the occasion for yourself.
  4. Bath. I think its such a beautiful way to refresh yourself after letting go. Choose some herbs you like, boil them up and have a gorgeous bath to seal it all up. (Side note, make sure you research the herbs and ensure they are safe to use).
  5. Nature. Go into nature and spend as much time as possible there imbibing mothers love.
  6. Sex magic and breathe work is so powerful and refreshing. Tap into Kundalini energy……

Now if I have a budget, I would still do all of the above but I’d include some energy/emotional work with trained practitioners. I personally love a practice called Hakomi. It’s gentle but very effective at releasing emotions held in the body. A session with Loan Tran costs £70 in person or online.

Another thing I would do  around the moon cycle is with Andrea at The Feminine Revolution. She holds 2 weeks moon cycle meetings which are Shamanic meditations online. Costs £9 but you can get a membership as well. She also does incredible energy work. Highly recommend.

If you do contact them, mention Amanda Rabor @ WoW Beauty.

Finally beauties,  if I had a big budget, I would travel somewhere beautiful for a few days and refill my cup… what do you do to reset and renew?

Amanda Rabor x