Beauties, it’s Stress Awareness Day… so let’s talk about stress and how it impacts your wellbeing.

One thing that we have all become aware of is that stress is responsible for so much that affects our wellbeing: basically everything from our sleep patterns, our skin health, our digestion and everything in between is impacted by our stress levels.

Regular followers know that wellbeing yours and ours is at the heart of what we share so we’ve created this post with highlights from some of our favourite stress posts. (you’re welcome)  The advice and tips from ourselves and experts will definitely help you on your stress reduction journey.

Here’s a sobering statistic:

In a study by the Mental Health Foundation, it found that three in four Britons were completely overwhelmed by stress. It also revealed that stress affected women more than men with roughly 81% of women left unable to cope, compared to 67% of men. Young adults are also the most vulnerable to stress with 83% of 18 to 24-year-olds left overwhelmed or unable to cope.

Are you truly coping with stress?

We’re delighted to be sharing with you an article from Success Coach Lisa Cybaniak, a panelist at our recent ‘Your Wellbeing is Your Superpower’ event and a regular Wow Beauty contributor! Today, Lisa is discussing in more depth what she touched upon at the wellbeing event… how to deal with symptoms of stress by taking back control and honouring yourself. Read the feature here.


Live ‘Fear’ Less! – A feature from Wow Beauty Wellbeing Contributor Sonia Greyson Newman

fear - less image

How much does fear hold you back? Your fears may even be holding you back without you realising it! We’re excited to share this great post by regular wellbeing contributor Sonia Greyson Newman about how to fear less and live more. Read the feature here.

Wow Beauty Founder Denise Rabor: Don’t Stress About Being Stressed

Know your limitations – let me clarify for you…this means stop over extending yourself! Don’t say yes to things that are going to stress you out to do, achieve or attend. There’s nothing worse than the anxiety created by having committed to something that you are actually too tired or too pushed to do.

Learn time management – This links nicely to the first point but also reminds us that when we don’t manage our time it can lead to anxiety and stress! Don’t underestimate the time that you need to allocate for your personal as well as your work/business to dos.

Figure out what triggers your stress reaction – and learn how to avoid it. It’s pretty simple really: if you know that tight deadlines cause you stress, learn to manage your time better: equally if not being able to find things when you need them stresses you out …get organised.

Read the full post here

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“Stress affects people physically just as much as mentally.” –

Hypnotherapist Malminder Gill: How nature can help relieve stress

“In many studies, nature has shown to improve stress and anxiety symptoms. Nature gives people the chance to slow down. You can soothe a stressed-out mind by taking in the beautiful surroundings. Ultimately nature can enable valuable reflection with restorative properties to allow you to make better decisions.

Studies have shown that two-thirds of people choose to retreat to a natural setting when they feel stressed. In another study, participants perform 50% better in creative problem solving after three days backpacking.

What’s important is that it does not matter how much time you spend outdoors. You can still feel the benefits of the beautiful natural surroundings for just a few minutes in nature. A study by Mind found that for 95% of people, their mood improved after spending time outside. As nature can help us from stressed and depressed to calm, centred and balanced, it is worth prioritising some time outdoors.”

Read the full post here

Wellbeing and Lifestyle Coach Yvonne Wake: How to deal with stress

Being stressed is not easy, it’s not helpful and it’s counterproductive. Be brave and discuss this with your best friend, or your partner. Share your deep feelings on this – it really does help.

  •        Acupuncture is seen to be very helpful in re-balancing your positive and negative energy levels. Acupuncture stimulates the nervous system and creates the release of neurochemical messenger molecules and these changes influence the body’s homeostatic mechanisms which promote emotional wellbeing.
  • Aromatherapy essential oils. These can be used in a bath, as a room aroma, or simply dabbing a specific oil on your body. Aromatherapy Associates have a fabulous range of de-stress products which contain essential properties such as lavender, Rose, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang, Bergamont, Chamomile. All known for their destressing actions.

Aromatherapist Michelle Roque’s O’Neil interview: Dealing with stress.


Sleep cures everything… that’s what I like to think anyway. I might be exaggerating slightly but it is true that sleep has a lot of impact on us … the quality of our lives, our skin, our thinking.  one thing that s lot of sleep experts point out is that if you are struggling with getting a good nights sleep you should experiment with the big “switch off”: basically the idea is to switch off your gadgets and that includes your TV by the way, plus your phone, iPad, everything for at least one hour before bed! Now I love this idea but I find it so damn difficult to do 1) I love watching TV in bed 2) I like working in bed on my iPad but apparently, the light from our tech is guilty of keeping us up … dammit.

So check out the ‘sleep’ feature from our Holistic special where we’ve gathered together tips about sleep that we’ve discovered along the way, either something we do or advice from experts themselves. We hope you find them helpful in getting a more restful night’s sleep. Read it here.

“Magnesium is a key mineral in our bodies, used for over 300 enzyme functions.  Primarily, it’s necessary for muscle and nerve function, can relax muscles and calm the nervous system.  When we have enough of it, it can be great for stress relief and reduction of anxiety.  Magnesium insufficiency on the other hand, can be highly disruptive to sleep.”

– Frankie Brogan in a ‘Get some sleep’ post.

Bodhi and Birch founder Elijah Choo: About Stress

“It’s something that we all struggle with in the modern world. Stress is the cause of so many health issues, whether physical or mental in today’s world. We put ourselves in that position unfortunately and in many instances, it can be mind over matter.

This is something I am currently learning about and I am working on teaching myself how to de-stress and how to unwind. In fact, I’ve concluded that if you’re thinking about something that you need to get done, then just do it now and if you can’t … we’ll stop stressing about it as there’s always tomorrow. It will still be there! That is something I keep trying to teach myself. Stress manifests in different ways in terms of your general health. Your skin tells you what the problem is and often a lot of other skin care issues are caused by the effects of stress.”

Read our Founders Talk interview with Elijah

Elijah Choo Bodhi and Birch

Here’s our on-the-go wellbeing essentials!

on the go

Okay so you’re super busy… we get it! But you can’t keep being too busy for your wellbeing… after all without it juggling a busy life can be challenging. So we’ve curated some of our favourite ‘on the go’ Wellbeing fixes. Seriously, these help us to stay balanced and focused through the most trying of days, so have a look and start building your portable wellbeing toolkit.

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