As it’s Stress Awareness Month it seemed worth reminding ourselves of some stress facts!

Fact: stress is a reality

Fact: we all experience it in some form

Fact: stress affects our wellbeing

Fact: we can take steps to manage it

Here are some tips… Feel free to use as many as you like:

Know your limitations

Let me clarify for you…this means stop over extending yourself! Don’t say yes to things that are going to stress you out to do, achieve or attend. There’s nothing worse than the anxiety created by having committed to something that you are actually too tired or too pushed to do.

Learn time management

This links nicely to the first point but also reminds us that when we don’t manage our time it can lead to anxiety and stress! Don’t underestimate the time that you need to allocate for your personal as well as your work/business to dos.

Figure out what triggers your stress reaction

Work out what causes your stress and learn how to avoid it, or how to manage the situation if it’s unavoidable. It’s pretty simple really: if you know that tight deadlines cause you stress, learn to manage your time better: equally if not being able to find things when you need them stresses you out… get organised.

Get moving

The benefits of exercise for combating stress are well documented, but it doesn’t have to be anything too fancy…just taking a walk is great, especially if you manage to do it somewhere uplifting like a park….just exhale.

Talk it out

It’s always helpful to talk to someone that you trust with your emotional and who is going to keep your worries confidential, is one of the simplest ways to alleviate stress. The verbalisation of negative thoughts and emotions helps you to offload them from the body,

Talk to yourself

If all else fails and there is no one else to speak to… speak to yourself, it’s a great way of offloading and getting some perspective on situations.

Stay hydrated

It’s amazing how being dehydrated can make you less effective and less able to manage situations….brain fog is a real thing. And  lastly

Feed your body

Don’t skip meals and learn how to avoid energy highs and lows, by eating regular meals.

Denise xx