Beauties, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we’ve been really loving what brands have been doing to support and raise awareness for Breast Cancer and charities associated with it, creating limited edition versions of their products and donating a portion of their sales to them. We thought that we’d highlight a few of our favourites today – take a look!

Rejuvenated’s Pink Drink

Firstly – we of course want to talk about one campaign that we’ve loved recently from Rejuvenated with the release of their ‘Pink Drink’. Their Pink Drink includestwo of their most popular products – their H30 hydration and their collagen shots!

Throughout the month of October Rejuvenated is donating 10% of sales to the Pink Ribbon Foundation.

You can find out more in our feature here.

Avon Campaigns to lift Instagram’s Nipple Ban

Social media is an incredible tool to promote awareness and this month, during breast cancer awareness month, everyone is talking about how to check yourself and check for lumps. However, Instagram have a nipple ban, making informative videos on how to properly examine your breast prohibited – and Avon is urging Instagram to lift this ban this month so people can share how to do a proper examination on the platform.

The Independent said that, in a statement, the chairwoman for the Avon Foundation for Women Amy Greene said, “We believe this will use the social media platform as a force for good, helping to raise greater awareness of BCAM and to further breast health education.”

Limited Edition Night Repair Serum

Estee Lauder have brought out a limited edition of their famous Advanced Night Repair Serum for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

You can enjoy the #1 Repair Serum plus a collectible bracelet, honoring and supporting breast cancer awareness.

For each purchase of this product, Estée Lauder will make a donation:
Name of Charity: Breast Cancer Research Foundation®
Donation per Purchase: 20% of the Suggested Retail Price
Start and End Dates: September 2019–June 2020″

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Jo Malone’s Campaign Cologne

Jo Malone has brought out a Breast Cancer Campaign Red Roses Cologne!
For each Cologne sold in the UK in 2019, Jo Malone Limited will donate £20 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® (BCRF).

We hope that all the work brands, people and other companies are doing will make a difference and that YOU reading this has made sure to check yourself – and of course, encourage others to do the same!