October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we love to see brands find ways to support and raise awareness for cancer charities.

We love what the gorgeous supplement brand Rejuvenated is doing to support charities this month, with their limited edition ‘Pink Drink’ set which includes two of their most popular products – their H30 hydration and their collagen shots!

Throughout the month of October Rejuvenated is donating 10% to the Pink Ribbon Foundation of October, and we love this ‘Pink Drink’ set as a way to try a few of their products in one fabulous set!

H3O Hydration

Isn’t it funny how you can discover a new way of making something that you’ve been doing more effective? Okay if that sounds a bit cryptic, I’m talking about hydration and how we can maximise our water. Of course it’s great that we attempt to drink at least 2 litres a day, but recently there’s been a lot more emphasis on the quality of the water that we drink and it’s efficacy within our bodies. So thank goodness for these H30 hydration sachets!

These sachets contain essential minerals and ions including hyaluronic acid that help the water to travel to the cells faster plus trans resveratrol which is a super antioxidant. Not only does this deliver effective hydration, your skin will be plumper and better hydrated, energy will improve and you’ll be protecting your cells from the effects of oxidative stress….so it’s an inner and outer beauty booster!

Collagen Shots

Discover the benefits of drinking collagen for beautiful skin with this collagen shot from Rejuvenated. Our bodies product collagen daily, but this slows down as we age. Collagen is essential to the glowing and healthy skin – it’s like the scaffolding of the skin… it’s the protein that holds the body together to provide strength and structure. This depletes as we age, so one way to make sure that you keep the health of your skin intact is through supplements – and we love this one from Rejuvenated.

You can take this daily to boost your skin, boost the natural collagen production in the skin and nourish yourself from inside out.

It contains 10,000 mg hydrolysed marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, acai berry super antioxidant, combined with vitamin B3, B5, C with zinc and copper.


This set also contains a fabulous shaker… you can use this to carry your water to keep you hydrated, or even a smoothie or protein shake!

Buy the Pink Drink set for £68.50 from Rejuvenated