Turmeric is recognisable by its bold yellow colour, most often used in curries. It is a member of the Ginger family, originating in Southern India, which continues to be the world’s largest producer. Turmeric contains the active ingredient curcumin, which is an anti-oxidant and what makes this spice so powerful. Not only does it have amazing health benefits – turmeric is becoming increasingly popular in beauty products – keep reading to find out why!

Inner Beauty

Turmeric is also very important in Ayurvedic and Unani medicine due to its healing properties. In Ayurveda, turmeric is believed to balance the three doshas (vata, pitta, and kapha). It was highly valued by the ancient Indo-European people not just for its preservation properties, but for its energetic and spiritual qualities as well. Even today, Hindu people believe turmeric to have auspicious qualities, and use it in many sacred ceremonies, applied to the forehead  (ajna chakra or third eye) during pujas (devotional ceremonies) and weddings. Traditionally, turmeric was also used to dye the marriage clothing.

Turmeric has been used for the digestive, circulatory and respiratory system for centuries. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties can reduce inflation in the brain, which is believed to be the main reason behind Alzheimer’s disease. The anti-inflammatory properties also acts against the development of rheumatoid arthritis, it can also be used topically to reduce inflammation and swelling. It also helps to lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease and even helping to fight cancer, along with protecting the liver from toxins and pathogens. It is also more commonly used than you’d imagine – it is used to dye food and is coded as the food additive ‘E100’ in canned beverages, baked products and more.

Outer Beauty

Don’t just limit the use of turmeric to its digestive and healing purposes! When used topically, its antiseptic and antibacterial properties help to fight breakouts and acne, reducing inflammation, providing quick relief from burns and even helping to treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It also helps to regulate the product of sebum, so it is ideal for oily skin types. It is also an excellent exfoliant, helping to gently remove dead cells and leave you with glowing, beautiful skin. Turmeric is found in the Mauli Rituals Mask and Exfoliant to exfoliate and brighten the skin, along with the Perricone Pre:Empt series. How great is that?

How to use it

While turmeric is often used in traditional Asian cooking such as curries, you can also make your own Turmeric tea – stirring ¼ teaspoon of ground turmeric or freshly grated turmeric to a cup of boiling water, letting it simmer for ten minutes, then straining it before drinking. Honey or fresh lemon can be added for flavour.

Turmeric has been worshipped for centuries and is known as one the most powerful plants on the planet. Have you got a jar of this at home? What do you use it for?


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Health Benefits of Turmeric