Winnie Awa, founder of Antidote Street the digital market place for afro and multi-textured hair is on a mission to elevate the service, providing benefits for all. In the UK, searches for specific afro hair salons have increased by 90% – ensuring this valued and growing consumer is met with the best possible experience is key to the growth of black businesses as well as a sense of value and appreciation for the community.

Upon transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, Winnie excitedly embarked on a mission to achieve healthy hair but was quickly frustrated by the ‘faff’ associated with finding products formulated with her hair texture in mind. On reflection and research, she realised that this situation was not unique to her but a common challenge for women with afro and curly textured hair.

Along with her co-founders (then flatmates in Balham), she launched, determined to provide easy access to the best brands, valuable hair education along with a beautiful user experience and excellent customer service.

Passionate about changing the status-quo in the underserved black hair industry, Antidote Street has today become home to over 100 products and serves customers across the UK, Europe, Middle east and beyond.

This Spring, Winnie gathered together some of the UK’s leading afro hair salons such as  Afrotherapy, Moiso London, SIMPLYGorgeous and the innovative new co-working salon space Peckham Palms, in a symposium co-chaired with industry leader and lauded session stylist Subrina Kidd to herald a new beginning and a first of its kind with the  launch of the Antidote Street Salon Manifesto of commitment and change to help improve the industry from a consumer and salon perspective, with the hope of establishing a standard that inspires.

“Whilst there are so many salons individually doing great work, coming together to collaboratively set the standard allows us to hold ourselves accountable to creating the best possible experience for our customers!” – Winnie Awa, founder of Antidote Street

As a sign of their pledge and promise, each business will display the manifesto badge in their premises and website, allowing customers to instantly recognise the standards to be experienced.

The forming members will continue their mission of growth with regular development meetings focusing on the customer experience alongside ways in which they can support the development of the salon businesses.

Love that these amazing businesses are all working together for a common goal and love the positivity from this manifesto.

Find out more about Antidote Street here