Keeping your hair in great condition requires a good healthy diet to ensure the hair receives the correct nutrients to keep it shiny and of course free of damage. To ensure that your hair is kept strong you should have a large amount of protein within your diet which will strengthen the particles and allow growth to happen. Also having a balanced diet with fruit and vegetables will help the natural texture of the hair.

Drinking plenty water is also a very important factor for your hair and something I mention to my clients each and every day. Just like your skin your hair can get very dehydrated and become very dry, so it is essential you consume plenty water to give it not only a healthy shine but more life! There is nothing worse than dried out hair that lacks that shine and glamour.

Caring for coloured hair
More often than not we are seeing many clients opting for colour services and for myself and the team at Ishoka Hair and Beauty we ensure that they are fully aware of the steps to take to keep their hair healthy and looking beautiful.

Heat appliances
We all know how big a part straighteners and hairdryers play within our routines in the morning but why not embrace your hairs natural style? With a cut to suit your face shape and by using the correct products for your hair type, your hair will look absolutely fabulous without using heat.

If you cannot part with your beloved appliances I always recommend using a heat protection spray (Wella Professionals Dry Thermal Image Heat protection Spray is a fabulous one) to ensure a barrier is created to reduce the amount of damage. Or alternatively try to tone down the use of these appliances or reduce the heat settings.

One thing every client with coloured hair should do is opt for an intensive hair mask. Wella SP Repair Mask has immediate effect on the hair and is so intense that it not only repairs but nourishes and protects the hair from further damage. A tip I give my clients is to use this treatment overnight and secure with a tight covering so when you are sleeping the intense heat from the head covering allows the treatment to intensify over an eight hour period.