As a Wow Beauty, I’ve become quite a fan of oil serums over the last few months as I have been put in the enviable role of trying a few from different brands thanks to my role as willing tester (Don’t hate). Most recently I’ve had the opportunity to try something from the holistic brand Kypris – their 1,000 roses oil! The name itself speaks to a certain depth and I have really enjoyed using it.

About the brand

The brand is inspired by the goddess Aphrodite – renowned for her mythical beauty and intrinsic femininity. They describe their skin care as ‘holistic, sensuous and otherworldly’ with a range of all-natural, wild-crafted, sustainable serums, elixirs and oils. Everything from their packaging to the passion behind this brand is beautiful.

What is in it?

The 1,000 roses is steam-distilled from more than 1000 Bulgarian rose petals which gives this oil a rich and deep colour and scent. It contains 19 natural actives to nourish and restore the skin, featuring Bulgarian rose essential oil to soften, protect and repair the skin. It also includes rosehip extracts to give your skin a luminosity, antioxidant CoQ10 and vitamin C ester combine to protect from the ravages wrought by pollutants, along with phytosterols, essential fatty acids, vitamins and baobab reinforce your skin’s barrier function, to prevent dehydration and deflect external aggressors.

Scent is something very important to me, the scent needs to resonate with me and this oil has a very distinct smell which didn’t resonate with me personally, but it did grow on me over time. It’s a very deep scent which speaks true to its name – 1,000 roses and when using this product, you should take a moment to inhale the scent before applying it to really give yourself a mindful moment in the process.

At the time of using the oil I was taking a very high strength Omega 3 supplements to lower cholesterol, and it also helps to boost hydration in the skin. The 1,000 Roses absorbed into my skin smoothly and beautifully without it feeling too much on top of this particular supplement. This oil works really well when it is pressed into the skin… it just sinks right in, leaving it glowing and moisturised: with this winter weather, you can always use your favourite moisturiser on top. 

Ultimately, skincare is so subjective and your skin will react differently to different things depending on what’s going on with your body at a certain time – your water balance, what vitamins you’re taking, your hormonal balance for example – and I’ve found that oils have been working really well on my skin right now, absorbing into my skin a lot more effectively than the usual serums. My skin has been really enjoying the Kypris 1,000 Roses oil and it is definitely one to try if your skin loves oils!

Amanda Rabor

Buy the 1,000 Roses oil for £86 from Cult Beauty

(PR gift/sample)