In a world where mass production often overshadows authenticity and sustainability, there’s something truly special about discovering small and independent brands that pour their heart and soul into every product they create.

Here at Wow Beauty, this is something we’re passionate about: discovering and celebrating those small brands, where every order is celebrated, born out of a personal need of the founder… where passion and love is poured into every bottle.

It’s time to shine the spotlight on some of our favourite small aromatherapy brands that we think you’ll love too! These brands have captured our hearts with their commitment to sustainability and the passion behind the brands, as well as the efficacy of the products. We believe in the power of fragrance and how that can impact our wellbeing, which is something all of the brands we’re talking about hold close to them too… their products all smell amazing and work on a multi-sensory level.


Therapie Life


Therapie encourages you to make space, feel grounded, and allow yourself to be more in tune with your feelings, encouraging you to reconnect and care for your mind and body

Therapie’s complete collection has been formulated to create mindful rituals to help you cope with life’s daily stresses

Each and every product is blended vibrationally and hand-created in small batches at their Portobello Distillery in London

About the Founder


Denise first came across Michelle Roques O’Neil at least 14 years ago and has been addicted to her treatments and products ever since.

Michelle is a leading aromatherapist with over 40 years experience, but more than that she is a gifted healer. These are good descriptors but in truth, it is difficult to find the right words to describe Michelle… because for Denise and many that have experienced her treatments, she is pure alchemy. Michelle is one of those healers whose very presence creates a sense of reassurance and calm. Michelle works pure magic and we wholeheartedly recommend not only her services as an aromatherapist but also her products from her brand Therapie Roques O’Neil.

Wow they’re Wow

  • Her products instil much needed calm in the busy days.
  • The brand is built on Michelle’s experience as a gift modern day alchemist – her products are magic and work on a multi-sensory level.

Verdant Alchemy


Founded by Vivien Leung in 2018 Verdant Alchemy is a modern, naturally derived and vegan bath and body brand crafted in London. The brand is rooted in essential minerals and plant-based efficacy; creating products to help you rest, refuel and thrive in today’s modern world.

About the Founderverdant

Vivien created Verdant Alchemy in 2018 after suffering from burn out and chronic pain.

Disillusioned by the lack of purpose created bath products on the market, she started hand crafting bath salts in her kitchen to help her modern pain points, such as poor sleep and when feeling under the weather. Vivien and her team now craft Verdant Alchemy’s bath products from their studio in South London. Hand-filling, hand labelling and packing every single product with love and care.

As Verdant Alchemy develops over the coming years the heart of the company will always remain the same is it focuses on helping customers invest in rest, refuel and thrive in modern life.

Why they’re Wow…

  • Their products are potent – and smell amazing. Perfect for a calming, warm bath.
  • Their mineral bath salts are also certified COSMOS natural by the Soil Association.

Urban Apothecary

British brand, Urban Apothecary, started life from the kitchen table, fuelled by a passion for fragrance and a desire to layer traditional ingredients of flowers, fruits, resins and woods in unconventional, contemporary ways.

Every fragrance shaped from a collaboration of art with science, is inspired by a personal recollection brought to life through the clever blending of notes rich with ambience. These distinctive aromas, a mixture of moods and memories, are curated into a collection of original scents for the home and body.

About the Founderurban apothecary

Founder Tajinder Banwait MBE, both entrepreneur and beauty industry stalwart, is the creative force behind the brand. Part fragrance ‘nose’ and artisan, she is the perfumer-alchemist that brings an unusual approach to the paring of botanicals.

From an early age, Tajunder began a love affair with perfume that continues to this day. She believes that locking memories in fragrance, as if each were a scented snapshot, is a pleasing way to remember special moments. Hence every fragrance recounts a personal experience, from walking in woodland after rain, to catching the intriguing perfumed sillage of a passing stranger. These nostalgic musings encourage connection by evoking memories and becoming the catalyst for creating moods.

Why they’re Wow

  • Tajinder’s background as a perfumer-alchemist charges this brand and their gorgeous scents.
  • They’re committed to sourcing safe and effective ingredients that have undergone extensive cruelty-free safety testing, and comply with industry protocols.

Wild Planet Aromatherapy

wild planet aromatherapy

Wild Planet Aromatherapy believes in the power of scent to enhance your daily life. From ancient rituals to modern-day relaxation, their natural home fragrances are designed to create a sensory experience that nourishes your soul.

Discover their aromatherapy candles, diffusers, sprays, pillow mist and incense using the finest essential oils, ethically sourced from around the planet designed to delight the senses and elevate your space.

About the Founderswild planet

A small family business based in the heart of Kent, Eileen founded in 2010 with the help of David, her partner in life and business. Created in their studio, once a dairy farm, they use only the finest essential oils ethically sourced from around the planet.

Each scent is crafted with intention and purpose, capturing the essence of a special memory, feeling, or place. We believe that a fragrance for your home should not only smell good but also have therapeutic properties that promote well-being and enhance the senses.

Part experience, part art, part instinct, blending natural aromas has taken time, ensuring that our scents work in harmony with your mood, lift your spirits, and instil your home with pure aromatherapy.

Why they’re Wow…

  • They are committed to sustainability, respecting nature, the environment and their impact on the planet. They do this through ethical sourcing of our ingredients, the packaging they use for their products and their decision to contribute 1% of their annual sales (not profit) to 1% For The Planet.
  • Each scent in their collection is created to capture the essence of a special memory, feeling, or particularly place.

Corrinne Taylor 


Corrine Taylor’s bring you all natural, plant based aromatherapy products for bath, body and home, created and developed by qualified aromatherapist Corinne Taylor.

Their multi award-winning product range includes Himalayan crystal bath salts, soy aromatherapy candles, room & linen mists, hair care and skin care.

About the Foundercorrine

Corinne Taylor Aromatherapy was founded by Corinne, on her kitchen table on the stunning shores of Brighton. The business is run by our small, dedicated team, who make and ship out our products with true love and care.

We create highly effective, 100% natural aromatherapy products made in small batches, including skincare, home fragrance, bath and hair products.

Corinne, a qualified Holistic Therapist since 2010, was the one who began practicing Aromatherapy, Reflexology, and Massage Therapy treatments. Her amazement at the incredible benefits of essential oils, backed by both her studies and firsthand experience with clients, led her to create our range of aromatherapy products. Hence, enabling people to experience the benefits of essential oils on a daily basis.

Why they’re Wow

  • For every product you buy on their website, they promise to plant one tree.
  • They create 100% natural aromatherapy products in small batches.
  • From therapeutic grade essential oils to non-GMO Soy wax, each ingredient they use is ethically sourced, eco-friendly and handpicked for a specific therapeutic purpose, with packaging being recyclable wherever possible.