Perfect skin starts with perfect cleansing!

It is as essential as using the right moisturiser. A well mastered cleansing routine purifies, detoxifies and primes your skin to uptake serums and moisturisers that come afterwards.
Use over-harsh cleansers and your skin will still be counteracting the inflammation caused. Here is the thing – these essential products must respect the fragile ecosystem of the skin and not strip the protective layer of the epidermis with its natural fauna and flora because skin has beneficial bacteria the same way your gut has!

Double cleanse ritual

I recommend a double cleanse at the end of the day. Not only will it remove make up, it will also collect the impurities of the day – from outside pollution and internal cellular metabolism.

Start your ritual with a balm or milk. Soothing and nourishing non-petrochemical based balms are super efficient at removing impurities trapped in pores. It’s simple chemistry really – oils attract oils.

Important tips if you use a facial brush

By the way if you love the sound of using a facial brush, some skins may be better off using ones that offer a choice of brushes. As addictive as a super smooth skin is, over-exfoliating (which too much brushing could do) is not recommended as it can sensitise your skin. The trick? Use the “sensitive” brush offered with many sonic devices, choose a soft manual one or stick to the muslin cloth. They still do a wonderful job at cleansing and gently stimulating cell renewal but your skin won’t turn red in the process.

With step two, be guided not only by your skin type and concerns but also by your preferred texture. There’s a wide choice of cleansers from light and refreshing Gels to a detergent-free Cleansing Waters that cleanse, removes any remaining make up and tone. If you suffer from super sensitive skin choose something with calming ingredients that won’t strip your skin. It may be surprising to use a clay-based cleanser if you suffer from blemishes but the way it absorbs excess sebum without stripping the skin is super efficient at eliminating acne-causing bacteria.

One more tip…

Always finish your cleansing routine with splashing some cold water to tone and close your pores.

Over to you… try the double cleanse routine for a week or two and you will be sporting a brighter, more even toned complexion. Taking an extra few minutes is completely worth it!

Marielle Alix xx