Alpha H Firming Body Therapy

Alpha H Firming Body Therapy

Body lotions come and go in my skincare collection, truth be told, I can be a bit on the fussy side when it comes to bodycare… basically I can like something for a while and then discover something new and better. I am always happy to try something new and because my body skin is on the dry side I am always hoping for a body lotion  that ticks  most if not all of my boxes (I have learnt to be pragmatic)

Recently I have been very excited by a couple of new body lotion discoveries that have ticked all of my boxes and have been formulated with ingredients that do more than just provide short lived superficial moisturising and this Alpha H firming body lotion is one of them. Alpha H a pretty prolific when it comes to new products and is easy to see why they do so well – it is because the products deliver.

What to love

  • This pleasantly scented lotion leaves your skin with a subtle shimmer which is fab for making the skin look healthy and radiant: more importantly though this lotion contains ingredients ranging from antioxidants and glycolic acid to provide a longer term exfoliating and treatment effect for the skin.
  • This lotion is long lasting on the skin so no fear of turning back into a crocodile after a few hours.

So what’s in it

This is a powerful blend that may not be to everyone’s taste – there are some of us who skin doesn’t agree with acids for example – but for those familiar with the Alpha H brand you know the alphahydroxy acids appear in many of their products.

Glycolic acid – to stimulate collagen production

Shea butter – for deep hydration and nourishment

Caffiene – shrinks skin cells and adds to the firming effect.

Red raspberry oil – antioxidant protection

Free from: parabens, sls, silicone

Cruelty free too.

Buy the Alpha H Firming Body Therapy for £36.95 from Alpha H

(*PR gift/sample)

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