Angela Langford’s Sweet Cheeks Cleanser

Angela Langford’s Sweet Cheeks Cleanser

orangeWho doesn’t enjoy finding a new cleanser that works beautifully? I’ve recently been testing out  Angela Langford’s Sweet Cheeks Cleanser and I’m impressed!

Although I’m certainly a balm cleanser sort of girl, I can certainly enjoy a nice lotion-style cleanser from time to time, particularly as second cleanse to really give the skin a good clean.

What’s to Love?

  • It has a lovely clean, floral scent that isn’t overpowering.
  • Although this has a lotion texture, it does emulsify on the skin when water is added, and I enjoyed the sensory change in texture.
  • Cleans the skin gently without stripping but can also remove makeup effectively.
  • Lovely lotion texture that feels gentle on the skin and is non-foaming.
  • Handmade in the UK by a small independent brand.
  • This would be would lovely for more sensitive skin as it’s gentle (but do patch test).
  • Vegetarian & vegan friendly.

What’s in it?rose

Rose petals are blended with papaya, cypress, orange blossom & witch hazel to produce a non-foaming & gentle face wash that doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils.

About the Brand

The brand was created by Angela Langford. Living in Spain, she did not have access to many things that we take for granted in the UK – one of which was access to good skincare. Angela’s favourite brands of skincare were simply not available to her, so she decided to do what most people wouldn’t – she would make her own!

Being a passionate and talented cook, her reasoning was that it seemed not unreasonable that creating skincare products is very similar to creating recipes – after all, making skincare products includes using the best ingredients you can find, that are heated or emulsified or folded into each other (albeit a bit more scientific than that), to end up with a product that is good for you.

And so Angela embarked on a journey that would see her being taught skincare production by the best in the business, travelling back and forth to the UK to complete her studies. What was originally just a hobby to supply some creams and oils to herself and her immediate family, it quickly escalated to friends and friends of friends – to a point where the original Angela Langford brand was born.

Skin is left feeling cleansed and calm! I enjoy using this as a second cleanse following from something like a balm cleanser to get rid of makeup etc. It makes sure the skin is super clean and feeling great… love!

Jessica xx

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