Beauty & Go Skindrinks: Beauty from the inside out!

Beauty & Go Skindrinks: Beauty from the inside out!

Beauties, you know that we’re all about feeding your skin from the inside out, so we were thrilled to discover a new skin drink that nourishes you from the inside out. We’ve all been trying them in the office and have been enjoying the flavours, whilst knowing that we’re doing something good for our bodies in the process.

Here’s more about these fab skin drinks:

What’s to love 

  • They taste great and go down very easily!
  • They’ve got a great ingredients list with no nasties in them
  • They count as one of your 5 a day
  • The bottles are fully recyclable, BPA free and phthalate free.

What’s not to love

 One thing to note: they do contain natural stevia, which I know isn’t to everyone’s taste.


What the brand has to say about the drinks:

Skin Vitality from Beauty & Go Contain Glyngo Bilova and Guaraná which naturally give you energy and help with blood circulation. This is so vital as it helps boost energy levels and encourages healthy body function, as well as helping to beat the slump brought on from the weeks of deserved indulgence.

As well as helping boost your energy levels, the Skin Shot and Skin Brilliants help to get your glow back with extra hydration, Skin Brilliance contains Aloe Vera and hyaluronic acid which help you hydrate from the inside out. This helps with getting back into the day to day activity and getting active again, for those of us who took a much-needed break. Keeping Hydrated   throughout the day helps for you to see results quicker and rebuild your strength.

These are the ones we tried:

Summer skin (Limited edition)

Love that this is meant to protect your skin for UV damage! Of course, it’s not a replacement to SPF but this antioxidant rich drink will help strengthen your skin from the suns rays as well as working to repair any damage to the skin caused by the sun. Love it!

What the brand has to say:

“Our revolutionary formula incorporates ingredients that have proven benefits for your body and skin to restore your skin’s barrier and rehydrate the skin after moisture loss.”

Skin Brilliance

We love Hyaluronic Acid and this drink is PACKED with it… love that.

What the brand has to say:

“With red grape, rosehip and persimmon, this skin protecting drink is the perfect way to start the day and have radiant skin 24 hours a day. Beauty & Go Skin Brilliance formula helps to protect skin against external and internal aggressors, keeping it healthy, smooth and luminous. By including melon extract, it also helps the immune system and reduces tiredness and fatigue.”

You would need to try this for an extended amount of time – at least 7 days in a row – to start getting the full benefits. So it could be a great thing to have first thing in the morning or to replace that first tea or coffee you pick up when you get to the office.

Buy a set of 7 drinks for £19.99

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