Plastic packaging is a growing problem – there’s no denying it. Each year, more and more plastic ends in landfills and damages our environment and although the beauty industry isn’t the only cause of it, it’s certainly a big problem. Brands are slowly picking up the pace and trying more towards being more eco-friendly, but we’re excited to see that a brand has taken the step and launched a zero waste programme.

Some stats…

  •  99% of all beauty packaging thrown out after just one use
  • 120 billion units of packaging created by global beauty industry each year!

Slightly horrifying, right?

The Beauty Kitchen’s global programme is launched with their ‘Return. Refill. Repeat’ scheme.

The premise is simple: once you’ve emptied your products, you return your containers to Beauty Kitchen, who will then wash, refill and return them to you. They’ll even pay for the postage and you can earn up to 50% off your next order.

Beauty Kitchen are kicking things off with the Seahorse Plankton Range, formulated with blue chamomile and sustainably grown microalgae to renew and protect your skin, which will be followed soon after by the Abyssinian Oil range, which uses sustainably grown plant seed oils for an intense moisture boost.

About the brand

beauty kitchen

Beauty Kitchen is on a mission to create the most effective, natural and sustainable beauty products in the world. They’re driven by a passion for beauty products that really work and are a joy to use. They have a strong belief in nature and are always looking for the most sustainable way to create effective beauty products.

This is such a positive step in the right direction and we hope to see more brands move towards schemes like this!

This is currently available in the UK only, but they’re looking to expand.