I don’t know about you, but there’s many a day when I feel the need for something to help with the suitcases that reside under my eyes, especially if it’s been a rough week and I’ve got to go from office to an evening event or my long time struggle with insomnia has gotten the better of me.

Over the years I’ve tried all manner of eye gels, eyes masks and eye pads all promising to reduce my bags and dark circles, with various degrees of success.  So when I got my hands on this eye shot from REN, I was more than willing  to give it a go.


This is a light gel-serum designed to ‘instantly lift’ and ‘dramatically brighten’. When you apply this it’s cool and refreshing on the skin and within about a minute when its dry, you feel a tightening sensation. Now I can’t say that it ‘Reduces dark circles…. and crow’s feet’ but it does have a subtle effect on puffiness and the area does look brighter.  Maybe with consistent use over time it might have an effect on crows feet and dark circles, but it is really nice to have at hand for a quick beauty fix and you can apply it as many times a day as you wish, over your moisturizer.

The effective ingredients are:

Glycine Betaine complex from Tuberose Active Shells improves the eye contour

Hyaluronans from Yeast Biofermentation instantly firm, lift and smooth lines and crow’s feet

Phycocolloids from Microalga plump and keep skin hydrated and comfortable

Denise x

Available from REN skincare