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Casa Mencarelli | Brand Focus

Casa Mencarelli is a gorgeous holistic Italian skincare brand that we’ve been loving recently. I love a brand that works beautifully using only the highest quality ingredients to create something truly special – and this is something that Lucia the founder has created with her range….a range that’s nearly good enough to eat with the highest quality ingredients, many of which are food-grade quality, all of which are organic.

About the Brand

It was founded by Lucia, who created the line after skincare in the past caused an anaphylactic response in her body and led to her developing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. She wanted to create a line that was natural, unprocessed and wouldn’t cause damage to the skin. She wanted to create a nutrient rich, products that used food-grade organic ingredients to heal not only her own skin, but those of others. This range is also essential oil free.

The Inspiration

Her products are inspired by the Sicilian landscape – which you’ll notice from the beautiful packaging – and the ingredients used in the products are all from Italy – from the Sicilian lemons to the Olive Oil and the Sicilian green clay.

We’ll be publishing our founders talk with Lucia soon… so keep an eye out!

So let’s talk about the products:

Green Clay and Lemon Mask


For those who love to make a little ritual out of their skincare routine, this is one for you. You can mix this powder with any of your favourite skin loving products (including the toner if you also have this) to make a beautiful mask.

Some of the key ingredients include pure Sicilian Green Clay and Lemon peel powder The scent of this mask aims to capture the aroma of the Sicilian landscape, with gorgeous lemons to give it a natural zing.

The Sicilian green clay cleanses the skin beautifully and as expected with a clay mask, the colour turns from a dark green to light when it’s dried and ready to wash off. It also starts to feel a little tickly when you know it’s done.

When you massage this product off your skin, it has a gentle exfoliating properties in it too, which leaves your skin feeling even more super smooth.

Make sure to avoid using any metal when mixing – this is why they include a little wooden spoon for mixing!

Buy the mask for £25

Nourishing Tomato Night Cream and Cleanser

It has an olive oil base, which you can really feel with this balm. It has a very gentle scent to it and feels lovely on the skin.

Key ingredients include tomato seed oil is rich in anti‐oxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins, carotenes, lycopene & phytosterols as well as other key nutrients. The Extra virgin olive oil contains anti-oxidant vitamin e and squalene, helping to soften, protect and restore smooth the skin.

For me, this is also gentle enough to use on the eyes to remove eye makeup.

This is a multi-tasking products as it can also be used as a night cream – and I like to use a thicker layer as a mask for 20 minutes or so. If you use less and massage it in, it works beautifully as a cream and makes the skin feel amazing.

Buy the cleanser for £45


Honey and Orange Toner

orange toner

This one smells good enough to eat! A beautiful blend of honey and orange, this Italian toner is gentle and effective. The toner has a similar PH to the skin to balance it and has the most gorgeous scent without being overpowering.

This is actually getting a little revamp with probiotics as the preservative ingredient, which is very exciting!

Buy the Toner for £30

Sea Buckthorn Serum

‘Sole E Mare’ means sunshine and sea in Italian, and this is a perfect description for this product. It’s the colour of sunshine – a beautiful rich golden yellow.

I’m loving this stuff. It’s a serum, but it looks like a rich oil because of the gorgeous colour. Love how it makes my skin feel – it sinks in beautifully and makes the skin glow without looking greasy or oily. It is rich in antioxidants like Beta Carotene, vitamins E and essential fatty acids Omega 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, to help repair and regenerate damaged skin.

I also love the scent of it!

You can buy this product in quite a large jar – larger than the normal 30ml bottle you’ll get for a serum – which is fantastic. This product is really meant to be brought down the neck and can also be used on your whole body as a treat – Lucia recommends that you use this on your legs in the summer to give them that BEAUTIFUL glow. You can get a smaller size too which is more travel friendly.

Buy the serum for £65

Bellissima Balm

This balm is designed to be used on the face and neck, but I have to be honest and say that I’ve used it universally.

It has an uplifting orange colour and the overriding fragrance is that of Sea Buckthorn fruit oil. The texture is soft and easy to spread and this initially seemingly oily balm is very easily absorbed, leaving the skin with a satin finish.

The core ingredients are of course sea buckthorn oil which is known as a powerful antioxidant thanks to the power of omega 3,6,9… it also contains Rose hip oil which is another powerful antioxidant both of these ingredients are good at helping to regenerate the skin. Shea butter, vitamin E and sweet almond oil round off the ingredients list.

The balm is £45

(*PR gift/sample)

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