Colour changing clay cleanser… oh yes!

Colour changing clay cleanser… oh yes!

A cleanser that changes colour? It’s time for you to discover the Transforming clay cleanser from Yes To!

Yes, I admit it… I did get drawn into the whole idea of a cleanser that changes colour… I’m only human.

But soon after I started using it, I can tell you that this isn’t just a gimmick product. It has a pretty good ingredients list – the first ingredient is actually the clay and not a filler – and I feel like it gave a really great clean!

Even though it’s a clay cleanser, it didn’t feel too strong or stripping, like some can do. I wasn’t left with any redness and my skin felt soft and smooth, even a little tacky, which is what you’d expect from this type of cleanser.

What’s great about this Transforming Clay Cleanser

  • Formulated without parabens, SLS and Silicone.
  • It felt like it gave a really good clean without stripping the skin.
  • I did enjoy the colour changing aspect – it was mildly satisfying.

What’s in it

  • Clays used are kaolin, bentonite
  • The form of Vitamin C used in this is magnesium aluminium silicate, which is a synthetic form.
  • It also contains shea butter
  • Grapfruit seed extract, Melia Azadirachta Leaf Extact

The colour change

When it’s applied to the skin, it changes colour from the light pinky orange to the yellow. But I found that the more I massaged it in, and when I added water, it did go to a lighter shade of yellow, which was nice and helped me to easily see where I needed to focus on next. When you’re really massaging it in and adding water, it does get lighter than you can see here – this was when I applied a little water and initially started to blend.

You may also be able to see in here that there is some texture to the product – this is due to the clay. It’s not grainy by any means, but I like that you can see that this product has texture. It’s also quite a thick formula, that smoothes out nicely when water is added and does get lighter and lighter the more water you add.

One thing to note about the transforming clay cleanser

Although this isn’t something I particularly noticed when using this on my face when I did those swatches I noticed a slight red mark leftover from where I had the product rubbed in. This is something that does happen when using clay products, but it is something to note. My skin did not feel irritated at all though. If you have particularly sensitive skin, this is something to keep in mind! I feel like it could have done with an oil or something in the formula too, something to make it a little more moisturising – but that’s just my personal preference.

Overall, I really enjoy using this cleanser. It has a really great price point, with quality ingredients and I really appreciate that. It feels good to use and my skin is left feeling perfectly cleansed without feeling dry or stripped.  A really great cleanser to use a few times a week alongside my other cleansers.

Jess xx

Buy the transforming clay cleanser for £7.99 from Feel Unique

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