Decadent Cleansing with Deviant!

Decadent Cleansing with Deviant!

I finally got my hands on some of the much talked about Deviant skincare products and of course the fact that they had a cleansing oil, one of my secret addictions, and a cleansing balm meant that these had to be the first two products that I would have to try.

As always, I do still enjoy lovely packaging and have to say that I’m really glad that nowadays planet friendly, responsible packaging can still be beautiful and Deviant does not disappoint, with their lovely textured white packaging with golden seal which opens up to be sleek black jars, also the gold seal the overall feeling is luxury.

So what is it that made me feel that was worth spending money on trying Deviant Skincare? Well apart from adding to my extensive cleansing oil collection, I liked the idea of an enzymatic cleansing oil that uses fruit enzymes to cleanse and brighten the skin, I also liked the idea of a cleansing oil that emulsifies. And with the cleansing concentrate? Well, I just wanted to see what a lightly textured cleansing balm would be like.

Deviant Cleansing Concentrate 

This is quite a light textured cleansing Balm that melts quite easily once in contact with your skin.

This cleansing balm is one of those that is good for pretty much all skin types thanks to its anti-inflammatory ingredients such as hemp oil, barrages, camellia and cucumber amongst others.

If your skin is in need of extra hydration, you can also leave this on for 5-10 mins as a hydrating mask to leave the skin feeling hydrated and soft.

Deviant Enzymatic Cleansing Oil

Being a cleansing well lover one of the first things that I noticed about this oil is that it doesn’t really have a scent because it doesn’t contain any essential oils: which I guess I could adjust to, although I did miss the process of inhaling the scent of the oil in the palms of my hands before applying it to my face. This makes it accessible for those with sensitivities.

The next thing that I notice is that this cleansing oil has a lovely light texture, it spreads easily over the face and as you start the process of massaging it in feels really quite soothing and relaxing.

What’s to Love…

Both of these offer the same level of cleansing – so it’s really a matter of personal preference, they are both for all skin types and would even be nice for more sensitive skin due to the lack of essential oils.

Effectively and gently removes dirt and makeup for the skin: perfect for a first cleanse.

Love the founder Natalie’s approach to mindful cleansing. She talks about transforming what some may see as a task into a wellbeing ritual: “Cleansing in the evening (particularly after a long day) can at times feel like a burden. Take a moment and allow the Cleansing Concentrate to transform a tedious task into a ritual. Light a candle for olfactory pleasure. Breathe. Take some time to thoroughly massage the skin as to stimulate blood circulation. This moment is for you.” – Natalie Smyth, co-founder.

Buy the Cleansing Concentrate for £46 from Deviant Skincare

Buy the Enzymatic Cleansing Oil for £31 from Deviant Skincare

(*PR gift/sample)

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