If you’ve still been shying away from adding a face oil to your skincare regime then this just might the oil for you. One of the concerns that many of you have shared is that a face oil might be unsuitable for your skin type maybe causing blocked pores or leaving you too shiny by not sinking into your skin. This Delarom oil is meant to be suitable for all skin types including sensitive and is especially effective at providing comfort and hydration to environmentally stresssed and fatigued skins. Whatever your skin type this oil will leave your skin soft, hydrated and glowing.

Delarom is a French Holistic brand, that harnesses the power of plant extracts and pure essential oils and although it hasn’t been around forever, it does have a very good pedigree in that it was created by Christine Benet who was responsible for Darphin and Decleor.

Why you’ll like it…

It hydrates and balances the skin really gently and is great to use if you’ve been using treatments that have left your skin a little dry. Apart from neroli which is known as an antioxidant & is great for protecting against skin ageing from free radicals, this oil also contains jojobaoil and lemon. It sinks into the skin quickly without leaving any annoying residue.

How to use

Delarom suggest using 4-5 drops and applying it to the face and neck. With my combination skin, I tend to use this at night or on weekends after I’ve done a home facial. As you’d expect this oil has a fine texture and is absorbed easily into the skin.

Top tip 1 – spritz your face with a hydrating spray, leave it for a few seconds so that your face is left damp and then apply your oil. Why? Because more moisture is sealed in when oil or moisturiser is applied to damp skin (please note the word damp not wet)

Top tip 2 – if you’ve got really really dry skin, try applying your moisturiser first followed by your face oil.


Apart from neroli oil, this blend also contains magnolia, roman chamomile, sandalwood, cardamom , Rose and hazelnut oils.

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