Dermalogica who are always at the forefront of innovative skincare, held a special event to launch their new Charcoal face mask at Liberty Department Store in central London, which is a beauty shoppers paradise. I often find it funny how a fairly commonplace item can suddenly gain my attention and focus, which is the case with charcoal; I’ve always known about it’s cleansing and purifying power, but it wasn’t until I listened to this presentation that I really discovered just how powerful a skincare and wellbeing ingredient it is. In a nutshell, charcoal is absolutely amazing at getting rid of excess seum, toxins and other impurities.

Apart from the exclusive Japanese Charcoal, this mask also contains sulpher which is awesome at brightening the skin; one of the strengths of sulpher is it’s ability to encourage cellular turnover by removing dead cells that can cause dullness and ultimately age the skin. After a wonderful introduction and after stuffing our faces with the yummy food, we had the opportunity to sit down and have our faces mapped by Dermalogica skin gurus, you’ll recognise them as the women with what look like night vision goggles on their heads; it’s fair to say that only the bravest of us opted to have our faces scrutinized in this manner. I’m glad that I did, because although I sat down with fear in my heart, ready to blame stress, lack of sleep and maybe a bit too much Chardonnay on any issues that were highlighted …apparently my skin was pretty good, apart from a little bit of dehydration in the cheek area (obviously the Chardonnay).


My sister and partner in all things beauty Amanda couldn’t wait to get it on her face and tried it the morning after the event…here’s what she thought:

“I’m loving this new charcoal masque from one of my faves, Dermalogica. In general Dermalogica offer excellence for facials and skin care. My facialist uses it on me and I always get a new skin and look fresh faced at my tender young age.

One of the benefits of attending an event with Dermalogica  is their emphasis on general wellbeing and they hold a holistic approach to beauty and health which aligns perfectly with WOW Beauty.

 Now to this amazing masque. WOW thinks this product has surpassed expectations of affordable quality in that their formula seems to be pooled from the creme de la creme of naturally  sourced detoxifying ingredients. WOW loves that the charcoal is Active and from Japan. I think we were all impressed when they shared the sheer magnificence of a tea spoon of active charcoal being able to detoxify the surface of up to 2 tennis courts. This shit is powerful.
It literally sucks the badness out of your skin but equally replenishes and exfoliates it. On application you can feel the masque gently tingling on the skin. It smells like the ground, it spreads effortlessly and you know the minute granules will get to work at the rinse in the shower. When you’ve rinsed it off, expect firmer feeling clean skin. Effortlessly. I can see why men love this product, so if you’re not into sharing, hide it…..” Amanda xx
When I finally got around to trying this mask, I have to say I fell in love with it because it makes my skin brighter , like really bright and luminous and so it has become another one of my skin saviours.
Denise xx
How to use: After cleansing, apply generously to face and throat, avoiding the eye area. After 7 to 10 minutes, lightly massage with very wet hands to enhance exfoliation properties during removal. Rinse thoroughly. Depending on your skin type you can use this once or twice per week.
Available from dermalogica
*(PR gift/sample)