Lets face it, with winter in full swing, many of us are prone to dry skin and our lips are not exempt from a wintery battering. Mary Kay have a two pronged solution in the form of the dynamic duo of lip scrub and lip balm, which both contain shea butter which is known for  its skin nourishing credentials.

The Scrub

This yummy lip scrub is a sugar based, where the natural sugar crystals have been Blended with Shea butter which is one of the most potent skin conditioners around and Sunflower oil, which is rich in vitamin E. This scrub is great at getting rid of surface dryness and moisturising winter lips, leaving them feeling soft, smooth and conditioned. Lip texture is immediately improved and your lips are left looking smooth and revitalised, ready for whatever comes next. Sadly I keep finding excuses to use this scrub because I like sweet things and the thing about this sugar scrub is that I end up licking it off instead of wiping or rinsing it off as the instructions say….yes seriously.

The Balm

The scrub is part of a duo which makes it easy to keep your lips in good condition. So after exfoliating you just add the finishing touch so Ideally you’d follow the scrub with the balm which is the finishing touch which makes perfect sense. If you’re anything like me you’re probably quite particular about how you like your lip balms to feel, smell or even taste, so you’ll be glad to hear that this balm wins on all counts. Many will love it’s silky smooth texture and it’s cute size which makes it perfect for carrying around.

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