There is nothing better than being able to cleanse away the stresses of the day. In reality can you even begin to count the number of times this month alone that you’ve craved an uplifting bathing experience either to start your day on a positive vibe or to end a long day feeling balanced and relaxed? If your life is anything like mine the answer is probably every day… if not even twice a day. Now of course, ordinary soap or body wash may well deliver on the basic cleansing front, but not much else.

So let me introduce you to a couple of products from Saint Iris Adriatica a brand that I recently came across, whose carefully curated range has been formulated with well-being in mind (well, if you know anything about Wow Beauty you know that they had me at the use of the word well-being) I love the fact that this female founder is focused on the link between mind body and spirit and has developed a range to support that alignment.

So here goes…

Every Body Energy cleanse

First of all let me tell you that this appeals on a multisensory level; love the gorgeous green colour of the packaging which is instantly uplifting then there’s the fragrance which is unique as well as uplifting – love it. The brand say that Feel the fjaka: Before cleansing, inhale the uplifting aromas with three deep breaths to awaken all senses

What I can tell you that it smells like a Mediterranean vacation – citrusy perhaps with a hint of bergamot and borage. This formula is very much like a cleansing elixir as opposed to a typical body wash as such because it doesn’t really foam up, the brand suggest Mix with cold water and sweep firmly over the body towards the heart to boost circulation and lymphatic drainage Now if you are a foam lover then this may take some getting used to – if you are a lover of clean hydrated and silky soft skin then you’ll love this sensory experience.

This Everybody Energy Cleanse packs in 20 essential plant oils including faves like Rosehip and Borage which is full of essential fatty acids. There is also a healthy dose of pomegranate enzymes to offer gentle exfoliation, bear berry to detox and reduce inflammation as well as to brighten and let’s not forget organic honey for hydrating softness: inhale bathe, relax, rinse and get ready for part 2…

The Every Body Serenity Salve

This lotion continues the sensory journey with its lush fragrance and silky texture. It is easily absorbed and leaves your skin hydrated and deliciously scented.

How? Well thanks to some effective ingredients: like the body cleanse this contains essential wild plant oils including Rosehip, Borage, Safflower and Almond, these are joined by two leading skin boosting acids

1) Hyaluronic Acid which we all love for its hydrating ability and 

2) Salicylic Acid which is great for helping to smooth rough bumpy skin

Then there’s the seaweed proteins which are known for boosting elasticity and encouraging skin regeneration which makes this a great lotion to use at night. Last but not least, peptides which encourage collagen synthesis and work as antioxidants.

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