Palm Oil is certainly something that has been hotly debated recently, having been brought to light through the banned Iceland advert. So, when we discovered this brand at Indie Beauty Expo, I was instantly intrigued. Yes – there’s no debating that Palm Oil usually contributes in a HUGE way to deforestation and climate change.

But they have evoked this question: can this ingredient that has been used for YEARS due to its great qualities actually be a force for good?


What’s the product?

The Kind Planet Company has created a multi-purpose ‘Power Balm’ that utilises the benefits of Palm Oil (along with other ingredients that we’ll get into) to create a deeply hydrating, smooth and brightly coloured balm, which I have been testing out and loving.

At the event, we were given a little lip-balm sized sample, and later a full-sized one, which is what we’ve photographed here to test out. As it was ‘lip balm’ shaped, I threw this in my handbag and started to use this on my lips… and wow! I love it! It works really well as a balm — it’s not greasy at all but really hydrates and softens the lips.

What’s in it?

Here’s what the co-founder, Britt Godlington, has to say about why they chose the ingredients and what their benefits are:

“My husband and partner in The Kind Planet Company, Kevin, has a decade long history of working in the rural areas of Sierra Leone with oil palm farmers. I first began to cook our family meals with red palm oil – an ingredient that’s not so well known as it isn’t found on most supermarket shelves, but I found it not only gave our food a buttery flavour (which is great as we are dairy free), but was also enriched with beta-carotene and vitamin E, as well as super healthy fats. So when Kevin pointed out that he would see people using red palm oil on their skin when he would visit Sierra Leone, this set the ball rolling, at least in our heads, as to how we could make this work as a balm.

Kevin is also involved in an organic shea butter cooperative inGhana, and in the past, I found that this shea worked especially well on my children’s severe eczema.

Happywax, or palm wax, is sourced from the same trees as the red palm oil. Mirroring its chemical properties, it is an excellent vegan alternative to beeswax.

The rest of our ingredients were chosen for their amazing skin benefits including the fats and vitamins they naturally contain.

Hemp is used for its Omega fatty acids, Rosehip for its antioxidants and the natural emollient properties of Jojoba Oil. Really the benefits of all of these oils are endless!

We choseMandarin, Frankincense and Lavender not only because they smell gorgeous but also because, individually, each of these essential oils are beneficial to the skin without becoming too irritating.

Too often, those with sensitive skin have to avoid lovely smelling products altogether, and we think Power Balm covers this!”

What we love:

  • It has a beautiful, rich orange-yellow colour.
  • It feels very lush.
  • Even though it’s a balm, it’s not greasy or sticky – it’s lovely and smooth and sinks into the skin well.
  • It’s a multi-purpose product – it can be used as, well… so many things! I’ve been using it as a lip balm, but also as a deeply hydrating hand balm, it can also be used as a cleanser… it can be used in many ways. Most recently, I’ve been using it to heal my hands after using harsh kitchen products.

What’s not to love:

Although it is described as being good for sensitive skin, some people do find that essential oils irritate their skin so if you’ve found any of these ingredients as a problem before, it might not be for you. As always, do a patch test first!

About the brand and Palm Oil

As we mentioned earlier, Palm Oil is a hotly debated topic so we reached out to the co-founder of the brand, Britt Godlington, once again to talk to us more about how they make their palm oil eco-friendly and also what else they’re doing with their amazing brand.

Explain how you source your Palm Oil

We source our palm oil via Natural Habitats where Kevin is a managing director. All of their palm oil is certified Palm Done Right (, which goes beyond sustainable, using palm oil from farmers who employ organic farming practices where absolutely no clear-cutting of rainforests has occurred. Palm Done Right is a big proponent of regenerative agriculture.

Do you think it’s possible for bigger brands to keep using Palm Oil in their formulations but to make it more ethical and sustainable?

Absolutely, but they must be prepared to pay for it.

It is much easier for big brands to use alternative oils like sunflower, soy and rapeseed for example, which might not have as many health benefits but is much cheaper than Palm Done Right palm oil, whilst claiming to take the higher ground and branding products as “palm oil free”.  The truth is that many alternative oils place a greater strain on our environment and aren’t necessarily the more ethical route to take. We believe in transparency and openness and this has got to be the way for businesses to operate in the future. Only a handful of companies have chosen the route of truly sustainable, organic and fair trade palm oil, which is traceable throughout the entire supply chain. Consumer demand for products that are farm to fork, or as we like to call beauty, and especially our own Power Balm – soil to skin, are growing and showing no sign of declining. This is great news for us, and great news for the planet.

“The truth is that many alternative oils (to Palm Oil) place a greater strain on our environment and aren’t necessarily the more ethical route to take.”

Britt Godlington

What’s next for your brand and your vision?

We would like to introduce a greater range of SKUs, but definitely be the type of company that wanted to start with doing one product, and doing it well. Our ranges will likely revolve around Red Palm as a hero ingredient, and the innovation of new products in our minds is endless at the moment!

Thank you, Britt.

What are your thoughts on Palm Oil? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Do you think more companies should move towards ethical sourcing of Palm Oil, even if it costs more, or shall it be removed completely?

Jessica x

Buy the Power Balm for £19.50 from The Kind Planet Company

(*PR gift/sample)