Here’s a confession: I’ve never really been into eye creams. Over the years I’ve acquired various eye care products …eye gels creams, serums ….you name it and I’ve had it…but for some reason I’ve never been disciplined enough to actually use an eye care product for more than a couple of days! Most skincare gurus will be doing the silent scream as they read this, because they are more often than not big advocates of using a specific eye care product, while I always live in the secret hope that my face care products will look after my eyes too. The other thing is that I  even had bags under my eyes as a kid, so for those of you that know me …no I’m not permanently tired, these bags have been with me like forever.

Anyway, when I got my hands on this light pearl eye serum by Lancome I was worried that it would go the same way as every other eye care product that I’ve had: But I have to tell you that I’ve been much better at using this one, I can’t lie and say that I use it every single day, but I do keep it on my desk and use it at least 5 days a week…

Here’s why

I love the application technique which makes it easy to use….there’s no dipping of fingers into anything as it has this fab little roller ball type thing on the end, so you kind of just roll the serum around the eye area. I like this technique because it feels cooling and soothing and the massage feels like I’m reducing tension around my eyes.

The other thing that I really like about this serum is that it really moisturises the eye area ….the skin around my eyes seems to just drink it in and feels so moist for ages afterwards. This serum is designed to refresh the eyes and smooth the look of  fine lines and wrinkles as well as reduce dark circles and bags. Well, I can’t comment on the bags, but I can say that it does help with reducing eye puffiness and makes even my eye area look more radiant. Plus it refreshes  and moisturises the skin around my eyes and that means that I’ll keep using this handy desktop essential which is well on it’s way to becoming  a handbag essential.

The light pearl eye serum is available on Lancome