When this unassuming cleanser first arrived at the Wow Beauty office I wondered if this was a cleanser or a handwash… it looks so low key. I have to say that I love the packaging as it’s clean, simple and reminiscent of something I’d imagine getting from a traditional apothecary. There are no bells and whistles…no pearlised or creamy looking liquid… just a pure cleanser packed with skin-nourishing goodies. I’ll let the good doctor tell you himself…

“Containing baobab, kigelia, mandarin, lemon, Roman chamomile and pomegranate, the 07 Face Wash leaves skin feeling immediately purified and refines, but is still gentle enough for sensitive types. Kigelia and citrus oils work in harmony to cleanse, tone and tighten the skin, while fatty acids from baobab oil hydrate and nourish. Pomegranate acts as a natural, light exfoliator, perfectly countered by chamomile’s softening and soothing properties.

And guess what? This cleanser is lovely and does just what it says. My combination skin is left feeling and looking super clean and yet at the same time silky, smooth and moist.

It’s been a consistent favourite over the years!

Key Ingredients

Kigelia fruit extract, mandarin orange peel oil and lemon peel oil: kigelia and citrus oils work in harmony to cleanse, tone and tighten the skin.

Baobab seed oil: rich in omega fatty acids, sterols, vitamin A, D, and E, baobab hydrates and nourishes the skin.

Pomegranate fruit extract: Fruit acids from the seed arils function as natural, gentle exfoliators. Polyphenolic antioxidants in pomegranates help prevent hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

Roman chamomile flower oil: chamomile is known for its softening and soothing properties.

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