Indie Beauty Expo: What We Loved!

We were really glad when we heard that the Indie Beauty Expo was coming to London, because what we saw of the New York one really excited us!


Now of course there are quite a few beauty shows some of them really huge and some smaller: what we liked about the idea of the Indie Expo is that it is more niche and the perfect opportunity to meet new and interesting brands that we may not be familiar with yet.


We enjoyed our experience there and we thought we’d bring you a selection of some of the brands that we’ve discovered there that we really are excited about as well as things to look out for from brands that we already know and love. One thing that felt like the word on everyone’s lips … how to make a move to being as eco-aware and eco friendly as possible, which is something you’ll notice in these brands that we can’t wait to talk about.

The Kind Planet Company


We were given their ‘power balm’ and its addictive! it’s 100% organic and uses 9 key ingredients from west Africa the most unusual being red palm oil: this use anywhere and everywhere balm is high in antioxidants.

This lush balm is orangy in colour (thanks to the palm oil) has a light but soothing fragrance and is easily absorbed leaving dry skin feeling soft and nourished.

What’s also very unique about this brand is this uses SUSTAINABLE Palm Oil that DOESN’T damage the environment. You can find out more about this on their website here.

About the Brand


This is a UK brand with a social conscience – 5% of their sales go to charities who support our Plant & People Power chosen charities. They own a cooperative smallholder farm network in Sierra Leone and Ghana, meaning their super sustainable palm oil not only carries the Rainforest Alliance certification, which ensures that rainforests have not been clear cut or habitats destroyed, but also that our network of farmers are paid a Fair for Life premium.

Their mission is to prove that beauty and skincare can come without pain and that palm oil can be used for good!

Verdant Alchemy


This UK brand is all about stress relief through bath and body products and they have an impressive range of bath salts that are completely lush and smell amazing. They believe in the restorative power of a good bath as part of your self-care regime.

About the Brand


We were excited to discover this gorgeous bath and body brand that was launched earlier this year by Vivien Leung as response to her wellbeing needs and ultimately ours. The range is vegan and certified ‘cosmos natural’ by the soil association.



We love the whole concept of creating your space and using an aura mist to alter the space around you drew us in. We also love crystals, so bringing those two together for us is a match made in heaven. We got to try the mists there and they were divine!

About the Brand


Their products are all handmade with the finest quality crystals, Certified Organic Essential oils on a base of pure water from a natural spring of one of Bali’s revered volcanoes where the water is fully charged with its natural life force.

The water (Tirta) is very important to the people of Bali, one of the most important sacred objects (together with flowers) used in everyday Balinese life.

Awake Organics 


We had the opportunity to try the ‘Sea Quartz crystal & Algae cleanser which has clear quartz crystal, spirulina & turmeric. It has a slight grittiness to it to help remove dirt and dead cells. and it’s a gorgeous green colour.

About the Brand


This is a brand that we’d been talking about a couple of days before attending the show, so it was a moment of perfect synchronicity that we saw their fabulous stand and met their owner Mabel.

The thing that captivated us about this brand is the fact that not only is it organic, vegan superclean beauty but it comes from a place of love for the planet and love of people plus the thing that makes my heart skip a beat is that they’ve incorporated the power of healing crystals in each of the formulations! Plus, a lot of the ingredients used are edible for example in their frankincense divine skin concentrate they use edible carrot seed oil…love that.

Adarci London


This is a premium, organic skincare range with seriously sexy packaging! We met the founder and the range is based on her Indian heritage. If her skin is anything to go by… we can’t wait to try it! Well, we did try the serum on our hand at the expo and it was the true definition luxury organic!

The brand is not available yet… but coming soon and we can’t wait!


About the Brand


The founder Baljinda Kaur created this skincare line as she wanted to help women from the inside out, aided by her background in Biomedical Sciences and Organic Skincare Formula. The brand is formulated using bioorganic plant actives and therapeutic essential oils that encourage calmness and healing.

Macadamia Beauty


As a curly haired girl, Jessica was excited to see Macadamia Beauty as she’s always looking for hydrating products for her hair.

Their range is focused around their Pro Oil Complex, a blend of therapeutic Macadamia Oil and Argan Oil, rich in Omega 7, 5, 3 and 9 fatty acids, which deeply yet weightlessly nourish and repair hair from the inside out… can’t wait to see what this range does for her hair.

About the Brand


Macadamia Beauty strive to create innovative hair products that address the diverse needs for women of all global hair textures. Their products are free of harsh sulfates, and are colour-safe, paraben-free, gluten-free and cruelty-free.



Now… this is an unusual one for us, but of course women’s health is a core value of ours and we’ve covered the Fab Little Bag before as a discreet way to dispose of tampons and pads. But this brings an eco-friendly alternative to the mix. This is a menstrual cup which is designed to replace the use of disposable sanitary products – and can be left in for 12 hours. Ideally, this would mean you’d shouldn’t have to worry about it during a work day and can also leave this in overnight. This type of thing is something we’ve heard about before and Jessica is certainly intrigued to try this as an environmentally friendly and money saving idea.

Even the packaging it comes with is recyclable – which is a big plus from us.



Joji Skincare


Loved the look of this natural and essential oil-based skincare line. The founder Joji herself is clearly incredibly passionate about the environment and is working to make her packaging as eco-friendly as possible – which actually raised an interesting question – what’s the eco friendly alternative to pumps that will still keep the products from being exposed to the air?

About the Brand


Joji creates her products in microbatches which are organic, don’t test on animals, source fair trade and aim to be as zero waste as they can.

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