Ingredients Index: Prickly Pear Seed Oil

Ingredients Index: Prickly Pear Seed Oil

Prickly Pear is earning a name for itself in the beauty industry and for good reason! This beautifully rich oil is nutrient rich and fab for all ages…it’s incredibly rich in vitamin e and fatty acids, omega 6 and 9, antioxidants and more. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of prickly pear and how it could work for you. 

What is Prickly Pear Oil? 

Prickly Pear Oil, chemically known as Opuntia, are natural oils deriving from the small cactus plant and are most commonly used in skincare. It also has a rich history in folk medicine, being used to treat burns in Native American communities.

Although the prickly pear fruits contain about 150-300 seeds each on average, the seeds

themselves are tiny and only contain about 5% oil. It takes a whopping 1 ton of prickly pear fruits to produce just 1 litre of oil. Although the oil is costly, prickly pear is an incredibly sustainable crop due to the small amounts of water needed to grow the plant. Scientists are now considering ways to use the plant as a sustainable energy source, although research is still at the early stages.

Outer Beauty

From anti-ageing to acne, prickly pear has a wide range of beauty benefits to fulfil your beauty needs. These include…

  • Skin Hydration: Prickly pear can be used to hydrate the skin and increase cell renewal due to its high concentration in Vitamin E and antioxidants. Research shows that prickly pear has the highest concentration of Vitamin E than any other beauty oil on the market, with 150% more than Argan oil.
  • Brightens Hyperpigmentation: due to its high concentration of Vitamin K, there is evidence to show prickly pear can help give an even complexion. The oil can be used to brighten skin hyperpigmentation and brighten stubborn under eye circles.
  • Positive-Ageing: As a result of linoeic acid in the prickly pear plant, the oil works by replenishing lost lipids in the skin reducing the appearance of fine lines and restoring skins elasticity.
  • Haircare: Massaging 2 drops of prickly pear oil onto the scalp every night before washing helps to recover dry lifeless hair. The amino acids within the plant help to stimulate collagen production which promotes faster cell turnover.

Some products that feature Prickly Pear Oil are…

Photo by Benigno Hoyuela on Unsplash

Garden of Wisdom Prickly Pear Oil

This lovely oil has a smooth and light consistency and hydrates the skin beautifully. It feels nice on the skin, not too heavy or greasy, only a few drops are needed.

Buy the oil for £20 from Victoria Health

Christophe Robin Rare Prickly Pear Hair Mask

This beautiful hair mask is amazing for dry, damaged hair, restoring and revitalising the hair, prickly pear oil penetrating deep and repairing it from within. The hair is strengthened and protected from split ends and further breakages. This is quite a special, luxurious mask that feels amazing on the hair. You don’t need a lot and it’s a great one to also use when you’re in a bit of a rush as you only need to leave it on for five minutes for it to work its magic. You’re left with beautifully soft and hydrated hair – gorgeous!

Buy the mask for £54 from Christophe Robin

Inner Senses RESET Vibrancy Facial Elixir

This gorgeous oil soothes, moisturises and rejuvenates the skin, reducing the signs of ageing. It’s full of rich antioxidants, such as Prickly pear, Strawberry and Moringa seed oils, increasing skin’s resistance to physiological and environmental stress.

Buy the Elixir for £52 from the Wow Beauty Shop

Kyushi Power of Ten Face Oil

This oil is wonderful for all skin types as a booster treatment when used with other oils or on its own, and it’s especially good for combination and oily skins as it balances oil production. This sinks easily into the skin leaving it feeling nourished and looking plumped, without any oily residue and it is suitable for use around the delicate eye area. Prickly pear seed oil brightens, restores skin’s elasticity and calms inflammation in this lovely oil.

Buy the oil for £39 from Kyushi

Skin Alchemists Sesenne Facial Elixir

Every single one of the ingredients used in this blend is designed to work synergistically to boost your skin and optimise its appearance. It has a sophisticated blend of 24 skin-loving elements in vitamin cocktail which repairs, nourishes and rejuvenates skin, while calming sensitivity and revealing a lifted, brightened, glowing complexion.

Buy the Sesenne Facial Elixir from £24 from the Wow Beauty Shop

Starskin Orglamic™ Pink Cactus Serum Mist

Ooh I do love a mist, especially one that delivers on more than one front…and this one sure does! This is a mist and a serum in one pale pink package! This really provides a wonderful hydration boost, with a dose of radiance…just a couple sprays leave your skin dewy, moist and hydrated. As this post is about the benefits of Prickly pear [officially known as ‘Opuntia’ ] of course it’s the first ingredient listed which is a good sign. The other powerhouse ingredients included are baobab oil and camellia seed oil all known as superfoods. As with most mists you can use this just after cleansing or to set your makeup or simply as a refresher throughout the day.

 Buy the mist for £26 from FeelUnique

Inner Beauty

The benefits of prickly pear oil go beyond outer beauty and can be used for its amazing internal health benefits. New research shows how the cactus oil can be consumed internally to help fight infections and heath conditions making the oil a great all-rounder!

  • High Cholesterol: Prickly pear is high in fibre and pectin meaning it can reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. Research shows that the consumption of the plant along with a healthy lifestyle can significantly improve health by reducing body fat, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Boosts Immune System: Vitamin C contained within cactus fruits helps aid in boosting the immune system. Vitamin C is responsible for repairing body tissues and healing wounds and works by increasing the production of white blood cells which eliminates diseases.
  • Diabetes: Prickly pear cactus is known for its hypoglycemic activity meaning that it has the power to lower high blood glucose levels. Along with a healthy lifestyle, the cactus plant can help type II diabetes sufferers to manage their condition.

Have you tried Prickly Pear Oil and loved the effects it had? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Article written by Lana Sadler and edited by Jessica Reid, product reviews by Jessica

Photo by Benigno Hoyuela on Unsplash

(*PR gift/sample)

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