Jane Scrivner Whipped Butter Polish

Jane Scrivner Whipped Butter Polish

It’s always a pleasure when a typically mundane skincare task is made more interesting and even more pleasurable by a new formulation. In case you’re wondering …I’m talking about facial exfoliating and the exfoliator in question is the new Jane Scrivener whipped butter polish…and let me tell you that the name really fits!

This is a lush, finely milled physical scrub, with a deliciously whipped texture & as you can see in the pictures this latte coloured scrub looks like some sort of yummy dessert topping. It feels as good as it looks – luxuriously creamy but light.

This scrub contains many of my favourite skincare ingredients, we’re talking butter-like mango butter and avocado butter which are jam-packed with essential fatty acids, then there’s the jojoba butter and oil, cardamom oil and cucumber seed oil. With these ingredients the scrub does more than just exfoliate, it works to nourish and rejuvenate the skin too.

Now there’s always a lot of discussion over whether physical exfoliators are preferable to chemical exfoliators and generally it really depends on the product in my opinion. For example, I really love finely milled physical exfoliators and powder exfoliators and this uses bamboo powder to exfoliate the skin which means it’s very fine but you can feel the graininess when you massage your face with it but it’s a soft gentle graininess, not a harsh scratchy one.

What’s in it?

  • Mango, Avocado and Jojoba Butter – To tone and firm skin.
  • Cucumber Seed Oil – Rich in Omega 3, Linoleic Acid and Vitamin E. Replenishes and protects the Barrier Function. Improves firmness and elasticity and soothes skin.
  • Cinnamon – Rich in antioxidants to protect skin and help to clear away the appearance of scar marks, spots and blemishes. Toning and plumping.
  • Bamboo Powder – Natures silica, smoothing and polishing the skin, softening wrinkles and cleansing.
  • Cardomom Essential Oil – Cleansing and purifying. Evens skin tone and conditions complexion. High levels of Vitamin C for repair and collagen support.

What’s to love

  • The beautiful whipped texture makes exfoliating a delicious experience
  • The combination of ingredients that both exfoliate, nourish and rejuvenate making it a bit of a multitasker
  • It comes with a cleansing mitt and a measuring spoon
  • A little goes a long way
  • It’s a weekly treat for the skin

The Brand Say

Jane Scrivner is a nutritionist for skin. Jane believes strongly in feeding skin a healthy diet of the best oils and ingredients and then allowing it to look after itself – and her new Whipped Butter Polish is a delicious weekly exfoliating treatment to resurface, nourish, repair, balance and tone your skin for a softer, smoother, more radiant complexion.”

Denise x

(*PR gift/sample)

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