Beauties…We had some really engaging conversations with some truly inspiring brands at this years Indie Beauty Expo! It is their second event in London and it’s a really fab way to discover and get to speak directly to Indie brands from across the world.

Huge thank you hugs to all of the brands who took time to talk and share their passion and I have to say that fempreneur power was everywhere!

These are some of the brands that I can’t wait to talk about on the website as well as a few new additions to my holistic beauty arsenal!

Loving R&R Luxury… I’m already obsessed with their shea butter oil… pure luxury!

Indie Beauty Expo r&r
Indie Beauty Expo codex

Discovered the brand Codex Beauty who are focused on making clean, vegan , organic products using global ingredients.

Love the brand Inlight Beauty’s blend of pure organic ingredients blended with the intention to boost mind body and spirit.

Indie Beauty Expo inlight
Indie Beauty Expo

I’d also like to give a shoutout to Prosody London, an innovative purefume perfume brand. The blends are beautiful!

I would also like to say that Primal Beauty have the silkiest Shea butter blend.

Indie Beauty Expo primal beauty
Indie Beauty Expo organics

The gorgeous ogaenics have a fab range of organic supplements backed by science the brand say eat yourself beautiful

Urban Skin Rx are called the melanin experts – a range of creams & serums specifically made to address the issues… love it! like hyperpigmentation that women of colour face.

Indie Beauty Expo
Indie Beauty Expo glitter

Eco friendly glitter? Yes please! This loose glitter brand Ecostardust is beautiful and is made from a special biodegradable film which is derived from sustainable and responsibly sourced ingredients. The main ingredient being plant cellulose, derived predominantly from sustainably farmed, eucalyptus trees.

True Skincare is a waterless, natural brand based around naturally active ingredients to create their formulas. They’re all based on transparency  and making products that don’t compromise, without being overpriced.

Indie Beauty Expo true skincare