Loving the LIHA Ose Gida Black Soap

Loving the LIHA Ose Gida Black Soap

When shopping for skincare, how often do you buy a bar of soap? And how often do you find a bar of soap that not only compels you to purchase it, but that when you do, you really want to keep using it and shout about itThat’s the effect of the LIHA African Black Soap [which is actually the colour of toffee or fudge…but I digress] Let’s face it shower gels seem to be ruling supreme at the moment and they do a pretty good job of cleansing and moisturising especially as so many traditional soaps can be too drying, too scummy and too perfumes leading to skin irritation for those with sensitive, so let me tell you I was super excited to discover this soap by LIHA. 

Now this is not just any old soap, this vegan soap is a handmade African Black soap, jampacked with skin nourishing goodies such as organic shea butter, coconut oil, hemp seed oil and moringa. Every single ingredient in this soap serves a skin nourishing purpose….so here goes:

Shea butter: known for its for deep hydration and nourishment capabilities and contains substances that can help to reduce skin inflammation in conditions like eczema. it also contains vitamins A AND E. 

Coconut oil: A natural skin softener, it contains vitamin E and again has qualities that make it effective in dealing with inflammatory skin conditions eczema and psoraisis

Hemp seed oil: is made by cold pressing hempseeds: it contains different omega 6 fatty acids and is good for all skintypes and particularly good for treating inflammatory skin conditions. You can find out more in our Ingredients Index post

Moringa powder: An antioxidant with vitamin A and E, great at encouraging cell renewal and encouraging moisture retention. 

Fragranced with English Rose and African Palmarosa oil.

What’s to love

This soap leaves your skin feeling comfortable, soft and moisturised, so much so that you don’t have to rush to apply your body moisturiser. and it has a lovely fresh fragrance 

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