The Buzz
Neomist Crème-Serum is a unique combined luxe skincare product: an anti ageing serum and a moisturiser combined into an easy to use mist. There is as you can imagine a lot of impressive science behind this brand.
When I was first given this to trial I was a little bit sceptical, and I think that it’s because I’m not easily convinced by ‘all in one’ products, especially as I’m so used to layering my skincare, you know a serum or two, then my moisturiser and when I’m walking my skincare talk, some sunscreen. So as you can imagine, giving all of that up to trial Neomist even for just 1 week was took some deep psychological work on my part. I think ultimately I was won over by the science and curiosity – would it make my skin happy? Would it look good and feel moist and nourished? Let’s see….


The ingredients
Argan, Shea and Wheat Ceramides extracts, all in much higher amounts than you’d find in most other skincare products.
Vitamins A, D, E, Polyphenols, Phytosterols, Squalene, essential fatty acids (omega 3,6,9)

The brand say….
“Neomist® boosts cell regeneration, and protects against environmental aggressions and skin aging. Its very high-tolerance, hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic formula makes it suitable for all skin types. neomist® contains no parabens or phenoxyethanol and its chemical signature is reduced to a minimum, using none of the latest generation preservatives.”

Some science….
Neomist utilise a technology called wpe® (Water Plant Emulsion), a patented micellar emulsion procedure. Which is a procedure is used to formulate an oil and water micro-emulsion, without adding alcohol or solvents. (which is pretty cool I’d say)
“The cream-SERUM for example is a micro-emulsion of Ultradrops® (active droplets of 150 nanometers in diameter) to the surprising texture: It is more than a cream and a serum, it is a skin care fluid!”

Here’s why I love it…
1) Neomist is milky looking fluid that can be sprayed onto the hands and then applied to the skin. It is very silky and its moisturising effects are felt instantly. love it because this seductive lotion feels great on the skin; My skin is left feeling moist and almost dewy AND it stays feeling that way for hours.


2) You can also safely use this around the eye area, which removes the need for a totally separate eye care product if you wish.

3) I love the fact that it’s formulated to protect the skin from environmental nasties like free radicals.

4) It’s travel friendly as halfway through writing this post I left on vacation; I applied it in the morning prior to my 9 hour flight and I didn’t need to use any moisture serums for the duration as this maintained my skins moisture level.

Furthermore, based on my experience of using Neomist before my vacation, this is the only moisturiser that I actually took away with me! (apart from my Vit c serum and some masks) this is a fab travel companion.

30 ml Available from for €90.00 or £77.00

if you’ve tried it I’d live to know what you think. D xx