Now, cleansing balms have really become something of a weakness for me. I love how they feel on the skin, I really enjoy that ritual of massaging a gorgeous smelling balm that sinks into the skin and then gently removing all that grime with a warm, soft muslin. It’s a pamper moment for me. So I always love to find lovely smelling (filled with good ingredients of course, not artificial smells) that will make my skin sing, particularly during this cold spell we’re going through! Lately, I have been treating my skin to Dafna’s Recovery Cleanser and it feels so lovely. 

This luscious balm utilises the pure, organic oils of Moringa, Bamboo and Argan along with Lemongrass.

Some of the key ingredients of Dafna’s Recovery Cleanser are:

  • Moringa  – The Moringa has approximately 46 antioxidants and is one of the most powerful sources of natural antioxidants, playing an important role in controlling the ageing process.
  • Bamboo – has great antioxidant and healing properties, along with being moisturising
  • Argan – hydrates and softens skin
  • Lemongrass – is antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-fungal and the scent can be perceived as soothing.
  • Calendula extract – helps to keep skin calm, making the cleanser great for sensitive skin.

How to use:

Take a pearl size amount and massage into dry skin. Rinse with warm water or a muslin cloth, I tend to add a little water to the face before polishing it off with a nice muslin cloth.

The balm is very thick and melts with the warmth of the body and it has a soothing yellow colour. As with quite a few nourishing cleansing balm, you can also leave this on as an overnight mask for added hydration. I love how it melts into the skin, sort of like a moisturiser when worked in. A way I love to use it is to use it in the evening, massaging it into my skin and then going through the rest of my routine – brushing my teeth etc, giving the product some time on my skin, before rinsing it off. I feel like I have a better experience that way.  

How it feels

It does leave behind a little bit of a reside as it’s so rich and it leaves the skin almost tacky after use, but it leaves the skin with a nice glow. If I am completely honest, it is not my favourite scent for a cleansing balm and I’m mentioning this as it does have quite a powerful scent to it that many people absolutely love. But it’s all down to personal preference there – it’s very citrusy and I prefer something more floral. The smell of lemongrass is the first note that hits you and I find that quite refreshing. My skin is left feeling clean, but it’s not one I’d use to remove makeup, this would be more of a second cleanse to clean the skin as opposed to washing off makeup.

Dafna also speaks about this balm as also helping to reduce intrinsic stress which comes back to my original mention of balms being used as a pamper session and something I really like about the brand itself. They want the balm, all of their products, to be like a support system and a way to help alleviate stress – through the scent and through the ritual of using them. I really love that.

Here’s a little backstory behind the brand:

Based in Madrid, aromatherapist Dafna Shaham has worked in collaboration with scientists to combine Ayurvedic principles & essential oils with innovative biotechnology in this nature-meets-science graceful-ageing skincare range which has been formulated with super-charged natural bio-active ingredients.

Overall, a really nice, natural cleanser which combines more traditional principles with scientific expertise, making this a therapeutic and effective cleanser.

Buy the Recovery Cleanser for £42 from Content Beauty and Wellbeing 

(*PR gift/sample)