A Once-a-week mask has become a ‘must-do’ part of our skincare routines …but which one do you choose when there is such a vast selection out there? This week I was seeking something to soften and soothe my skin, as well as tighten my pores and give my face a glowey look. I was seeking… and Origins delivered! Their Original Skin Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay is simply amazing and its smell takes you to a Spa therapy session!


As soon as I started applying the product, I knew it was going to work for me! I love exfoliating my skin, and this mask contains Jojoba beads and the granules work their gentle magic 😍 Product’s texture reminded me of a gentle scrub so I followed my instincts and rubbed it in the skin to activate the promised “retexturizing” process. And… I “masqued” my way to baby soft skin!


As the mask dried, I felt it lightly tightening my face. It is because the rose clay ingredient normally reduces irritation and tightens pores. Working in pair with willow herb, which is used in cosmetics to treat and prevent acne, the result was- a smooth finish, vanished pores and inside out glow!

Personally for me, the most amazing part of the experience was the post-treatment! I normally suffer from oily skin and large pores and if you do too, you know how annoying it can get to constantly have to blot your face and touch up on make up. The day after I used “Original Skin” mask my make up stayed on until late that night and my skin was perfectly matte throughout the day without any blotting!

Bottom line, anyone looking to get that tight, smooth skin with matte-finish will fall in love with this face mask, just like I did 💖

Zlata x

Available for £24.00 from http://www.boots.com