One of the most inspiring elements of working in the beauty industry is that over the years the one thing that remains constant is the shared beauty advice/ stories/rituals. The nicest things is that These stories come from women from all cultures ….its global and they cut across the generations.
If you stop and think for a minute, apart from contemporary magazines and websites etc…where did most of your core beauty tips come from? Most women that I with with say it’s their mothers, grandmothers, sisters, friends….whether I’m working with models or non models it’s the same.
In some instances it’s simple things like ‘always cleanse, tone and moisturise’ …for some women it’s very culture specific, such as women in west Africa using Shea butter to keep their skin supple, while women from the Caribbean often relied on olive oil to moisturise and Indian women relied on coconut oil for their hair ….using rose oil or olive oil.
Why does it matter? It’s 2015 and in terms of beauty and health, so many of these tips and rituals  that are part of a beauty legacy are now being adopted by the beauty industry. Increasingly we are seeking more holistic beauty options and that demand is being met with products that contain the ingredients that we know about from those shared beauty stories. Shea butter is now accepted for its amazing moisturising properties; ingredients like rose and lavender are now much in demand.
So for us at WOW, Beauty isn’t about having a beautiful face…it’s much more than that; It’s about having a beautiful mind, a beautiful heart and a beautiful soul.
*Accept yourself for the beauty that you are! Beauty really does start on the inside and makeup is best when used as an enhancement!
*Use the appropriate cleanser for your skin
*Find the correct moisturiser for your skin type ….even oily skins need moisturise!
*Protect your skin from UV Rays ….regardless of your ethnicity
*Keep your body hydrated
*Eat well to nourish your skin
I’d love to know about any shared rituals that you’ve got. email